This morning, the Ministry of Culture launches the first “Seminars Season” event at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies at the Arab Center for Research and Policy Study. Today’s event will be  entitled “Human or Local Identities? Culture and the Multiplicity of Identities in the Gulf”. The guests of this event are Mr. Abdulaziz Al Khater, Dr. Ismail Al-Nashif and Dr. Amal Ghazal.


Eight events are scheduled to take place during the present “Seminars Season”. The season is being held by the Ministry of Culture for the first time and comes in partnership with Qatar University and the Arab Center for Research and Policy Study during March 17th to 31st, with more than 30 researchers and university professors as well as a number of media professionals and specialists; whose inputs and contributions will enrich the debate and dialogue between them and those attending the events. This is by raising intellectual issues related to heritage and the present, which in turn enhances the identity of society.


The “Seminars Season” aims at spreading the culture of diversity and giving community intellectuals, thinkers and graduates opportunities to promote the suitable intellectual environment. The Ministry of Culture seeks through this series to establish an intellectual environment that promotes the role of culture and intellectuals in the service of society, highlight speakers in a number of fields, support cultural and intellectual activities, and build bridges of communication between generations of intellectuals for the sake of increasing connection with the public and institutions to discuss issues that concern them. It is also to open new horizons of creativity to allow more creative writers and artists join the world art arenas through lively discussions that complement ideas in various cultural fields, with a focus on events that touch on the core issues of society and enrich discussions and interaction among all. The “Seminars Season” also aims to build partnerships with community actors, support cultural and intellectual activities and events, hold events to present opinions and ideas that contribute to serving the community and enriching the cultural landscape, and seek to build bridges of communication with future leaders and community intellectuals, thinkers and university professors.