The Youth Affairs Department of the Ministry of Culture and Sports launched “Shabab Ladom” summer program for this year that aims at creating job and training opportunities for Qatari Youth in youth sector during the summer activity period and the department believes in its role in polishing skills of young people, preparing and training them for the work stage especially in the field of youth work. Also, the department aims at making use of the summer vacation for the benefit of youth and providing the youth sector with new sources capable of enriching youth work.


The Department of Youth Affairs invites Qatari youth wishing to participate in the program to register during the period from June 17-24 and those accepted to work in the Department of Youth Affairs at the Ministry of Culture and Sports and its youth centers and committees will be guided during the summer activity period for this year.


The department revealed the tasks which will be assigned to those accepted. These tasks include following up the implementation of summer programs and activities for the department of youth affairs, preparing events, communicating with trainers and those in charge of implementing programs, preparing reports on activities, evaluating them and present development ideas for youth projects.


Also, the department will organize a quick preparatory program for participants that includes introductory lectures and workshops to the vision of the ministry and objectives of youth centers in addition to lectures about youth initiatives and introducing youth activities and programs, how to prepare them and requirement for their implementation with the required quality and means of advertising them.