Within the framework of the Ministry of Culture’s keenness to spread the culture of practicing sports and raise awareness of the importance of Sports Day, making it a habit and continuous societal culture, the Ministry of Culture launched a series of awareness-raising videos on the occasion of National Sports Day under the slogan “Sport is a lifestyle”. The rationale behind this endeavor is to promote the culture of practicing sports considering its significant role in contributing to the establishment of a physically and intellectually strong society. Sports consolidates ethics and the values ​​of integrity and sense of belonging. It serves as a global language that brings people together as to the values ​​of tolerance and harmony. It also contributes to the development of life skills in its social and cultural dimensions, serving as a global communication platform that contributes to achieving sustainable development.

The videos were well received by the public and followers of the Ministry’s accounts on social media. They were widely circulated among members of society after their launch on the Ministry’s digital platforms, praising the Ministry of Culture for informing the public about the benefits of exercising regularly and how this practice positively reflects on individuals’ lifestyle.

Every year, the Ministry of Culture marks its presence on the National Sports Day, either by holding various events or participating in the design and launch of a series of awareness-raising videos about the concept of sport, encouraging its practice, based on the role of sports culture through which societies grow and make progress.

The National Sports Day is celebrated in implementation of Emiri Decision No 80 of 2011, which stipulates that Tuesday of the second week of February of every year shall be a National Sports Day, considered an official holiday, on which all those who live in the State of Qatar are encouraged to participate in sports activities in all its forms. The first Sports Day was held in the State of Qatar in 2012.