The Department of Publications and Translation of the Ministry of Culture published a Nabatiyeh poetry office entitled “The Stump of Longing” by Qatari poet Fida Hassan Al-Hail.

The Poetry Diwan deals on 157 pages with a variety of poems, including patriotism, emotion, humanity, and other poems that express the poet’s spirit and sense.

The foreword addressed the Ministry of Culture’s vision for the development, development, enrichment and dissemination of intellectual production, as well as Qatari personality creations that the Ministry seeks to support through diverse cultural publications and seeks to contain and integrate as many creators as possible into its book-oriented programs and other means of disseminating cultural awareness.

It stated that the publication was in line with the Ministry’s letter recommending the adoption of Qatari and Arab creatives and supporting their cultural books or poetry bureau by publishing the most widely, calling for the diwan to be an interesting reflection of the opening of Qatari poetry at the local and Arab levels and to add distinctiveness to the Qatari and Arab libraries if Nabati poetry represents an important cultural speech to the people of the Arabian Gulf.

For her part, poet Fida Hassan al-Hail, known as the nickname/Longing Bird, said in a statement today: This Diwan is the result of the production of many years of writing poetry, explaining that what prompted her to issue this Diwan is the theft of her poems that she was writing and publishing on social media sites, which led her to collect her poems and issue the Diwan, confirming that she is in the process of producing the Second Poetry Diwan.

Al-Hail emphasized in conclusion that the poet’s most difficult moments were those he lived with during the beginning of his line of prolonged poetry debt. Because in these lines the poet presents himself and embodies his feelings to readers with his letters and scattered words, explained whenever the poet is true to himself and based on himself while writing the introduction spontaneously, truthfully and without cost is closer to reaching the hearts of others which enables it to reap the fruits of those letters and words with feelings and meanings.