The Media Center of the Ministry of Culture organized an information trip to the Hazm Al Markhiya area, “Jary al-Hisan”, as part of activating the slogan of National Day, “Grandparents’ Ranches is a Trust”, coinciding with World Wildlife Day.

The trip also aimed to familiarize the Center’s staff and affiliates with the nature of Qatar’s wildlife and the efforts exerted by various stakeholders to support, sustain and preserve wildlife, given its importance in achieving the concept of sustainable development and promoting Qatar National Vision 2030, including the environmental development pillar, one of the four pillars underlying the National Vision.

In this regard, Aisha Al Hammadi, Media Coordinator and one of the participants in the trip, said: “The wildlife trip organized by the Media Center was targeted at enhancing the Center’s role in supporting and implementing all activities related to achieving the comprehensive National Vision. It was also conducted as part of the Center’s role in introducing the importance of preserving the environment”.