The Ministry of Culture held a celebration yesterday on the occasion of the International Volunteer Day. The celebration was organized by Qatar Voluntary Center at its headquarters and was attended by a large number of strategic partners and volunteer work staff members within Qatar and the region. The celebration program included a number of interesting events such as a theatrical performance on the value of volunteer work. It also witnessed launching a number of initiatives that will enrich the field of volunteer work, the opening of a new library dedicated to the researchers specialized in this field, granting some privileges for users of the Center’s website and revealing the details of distinctive memberships program.

The celebration started with Mr. Moad al-Qahtani, Executive Director of Qatar Voluntary Center, who delivered a speech in which he said: “On behalf of every volunteer in Qatar, we welcome our brothers from Oman who visit Qatar as volunteers in the FIFA Arab Cup 2021. We welcome all volunteers in Qatar as well.” Mr. al-Qahtani explained the importance of voluntary centers, their tireless and constant quest to serve the community, and the importance of volunteer work, stressing that voluntary work establishes solidarity and interaction among institutions. Meanwhile, he  announced the launch of some projects; most notably the initiative of distinctive memberships divided into four categories. Mr. al-Qahtani explained that memberships granted to members in order to allocate some privilege for them. The first of those categories is the bronze membership. It grants some discounts from commercial centers in Qatar, and it can be obtained once registration is done on the website of the Center. The silver membership, on the other hand, is obtained by those who register through the website, provided that the volunteer spent more than 500 hours in any sector or institution. The gold membership requires that the volunteer spent more than 1000 hours. The diamond membership, however, requires volunteer work of more than 3,000 hours. Mr. al-Qahtani explained that this project will be in effect starting from January 1st.

Mr. Nasser al-Maghaysib, Director of Volunteer Strategy at the Supreme Committee for Projects and Legacy, for his part, said: “This participation comes in response to the invitation by Qatar Voluntary Center, one of the strategic partners of the Supreme Committee for Projects and Legacy and a key supporter in matters related to the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 nowadays and the FIFA World Cup in the future.” He expressed his pleasure that this celebration witnessed the invitation of 100 Omani volunteers who are present today in support of the FIFA Arab Cup 2021; in addition to inviting many staff members specialized in this field from different Arab countries. “The importance of the International Volunteer Day lies in the fact that volunteer work has many benefits for the volunteers themselves in terms of skills honing, knowledge broadening, and exploring other cultures. It is also important and beneficial to all members of society. Many countries, hence, have allocated billions for volunteer work .”, Mr. al-Maghaysib added.