Today, Monday, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, represented by the Youth Affairs Department will participate in the Arab Youth Day which is organized for the first time on the fifth of July. It is expected that Youth Centers and Youth Committees in sports club will organize a number of youth activities that aim at building bridges of love and strengthening ties between Arab youth and that emphasize the important role that the Arab youth can play in developing their societies and finding solutions to many of their problems based on the fact that Qatari youth who are proud of their national identity and belonging to their Arab nation are an authentic and active part of the Arab Youth component and can play an influential role in this environment.


Youth sector is considered one of the most important influential groups in society as societies depend on the awareness of youth and maturity of their ideas to formulate their future policies. Also, they depend on engaging and participation of youth in all fields.


# For the first time

The executive office of the council of Arab Youth and Sports Ministries in its last 66 session approved the celebration of Arab Youth Day on the fifth of July to draw the attention of the Arab society to youth issues and to celebrate their potentials as partners in the Arab society as this confirms that young people are not just beneficiaries but they are leaders and essential partners in the efforts aiming at finding solutions to the issues facing the youth in the Arab World in development and providing them with the necessary support as they must be involved by their societies by shedding the light on youth voices and encouraging them to raise their issues and finding appropriate solutions to them.


On this occasion, Maha Al-Rumaihi, Director of the Youth Affairs Department at the Ministry of Culture and Sports, said “The celebration of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Arab Youth Day in its first edition, which falls on the fifth of this month, through a series of events, programs and meaningful youth activities comes within the framework of joint Arab action in youth sector by ensuring the availability and success of a space of cooperation and exchange of expertise and experiences among youth leaders in various Arab countries to face challenges and to respond to the current and emerging youth problems and issues making the difference in building their creative and innovative selves and in the prosperity of their societies.”


She added that the administration will launch an initiative to support youth in Qatar including Qataris and Arab residents in cooperation with the local committee of the Arab Trainers Union represented in training scholarship that is a diploma in employment skills to equip Qatari and Arab youth with the most important skills required for the labor market.


Also, it was circulated to all youth centers and youth committees in sports clubs in the State of Qatar to shed the light on organizing youth activities in this day that aim at shedding the light on youth issues in the Arab world as Qatari youth who are proud of their national identity and belonging are an integral part of Arab Youth.


# Employment skills diploma

The local committee for the employment skills diploma, on behalf of the Union of Arab Trainers, which operates within the framework of the Council of Economic Unity of the League of Arab States, announced the union’s scholarship in cooperation with the strategic partner that is the Ministry of Culture and Sports in the State of Qatar as this scholarship is the employment skills diploma that helps the job seeker in the field of work requirements, his preparation and training and that enables him to communicate effectively, organize and manage time, develop success skills and build relationships.


This diploma also helps to enhance the job seeker’s ability to build characterized personal relationships as well as his ability to design his curriculum vitae and achieve creativity in job interviews.


This diploma contains 65 training hours and includes four training portfolios as follows: the first portfolio is work requirements and it contains 25 training hours that include six main topics. These topics are preparation for work, communication skills, time management, meeting management, success skills and building relationships in addition to sub-topics from the main topics.


The second portfolio is the digital skills and it includes 15 training hours and consists of three basic topics. These topics are digital personal branding, social media and digital marketing in addition to sub-topics from the main topics.


As for the third portfolio, it is the curriculum vitae. It includes 15 training hours and consists of three basic topics. These topics are skills, labor market and designing curriculum vitae in addition to sub-topics from the basic topics.


Finally, the fourth portfolio is the job interview. It includes 10 training hours and consists of two main topics. They are techniques and methods for planning the job interview and preparing and getting ready to the job interview.


In addition, the outstanding participants in this diploma will receive another specialized diploma and will be qualified to join the competition entitled “Training Knight” and other awards. The first courses for this diploma will start in next September.


# Participation of Youth Centers and Committees in Sports Club

A group of youth centers and committees in sports clubs including the Youth Media Center will participate as the youth media center will present a discussion session about the importance of media and forum of Sumaisma and Al-Daayen Girls Centers that will present training workshop entitled “Enable yourself to know your skills”. Al Wakra Youth Center will also participate and organizes a symposium about the creative skills of youth in cooperation with Namaa Center and Qatari Business Incubator. Also, the Qatari Scientific Club will present information security and ethical hacking. Moreover, Qatar volunteer center will hold a dialogue session entitled “Obstacles facing youth in volunteer work”.


Al Dana Girls Center will present a youth dialogue on Arab Youth Day and Al Wakra Girls Center will organize workshop about effective youth empowerment. In addition, the Youth Community Committee of the Arab Sports Club will present a workshop about creative skills of the youth. Qatar Sports Club will launch a special link to Arab youth issues and Al Khor Girls Center will present the workshop entitled “A starting Point”. Al Wakra Youth Center will present a lecture entitled “Entrepreneurship” and Al Kaaban Youth Center will hold the competition entitled “Inspirers”.


Doha Youth Center will launch enlightenment publications and Barzan Youth Center will present Arab meetings on youth issues. Al Rayyan Sports Club represented in the youth department will present youth ambitious workshop that is broadcasted within Zoom Application in addition to a lecture entitled “Youth is the Pillar of Society”.


In addition, Al-Aqsa Committee affiliated to the Youth Committee of Al-Ahly Sports Club will launch electronic (online) campaign to spread awareness of the Palestinian case entitled “The Home is My Home” to shed the light on the forced displacement of Palestinians and Al Majd Girls Center will provide enlightenment posts and the Friends of the Environment Center will present a workshop entitled “From our Heritage”.