Within the framework of the Doha International Book Fair, the Ministry of Culture and Sports launched one of its most important publications under the title of “The Life of a Qatari Islamic Scholar” which is the biography of our Honorable Sheikh Abdullah bin Turki Al-Subaie, at the main hall of the Book Fair.

Following its launching, the book author, Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Turki Al-Subaie, signed copies of his book for the fair visitors and Sheikh lovers who asserted on the importance of the book to pay homage to the Sheikh’s legacy and echo it to future generations.

Al-Subaie also provided a synopsis of his book, as a biography of one of the most notable Islamic scholars and prominent pioneers of the educational renaissance in the State of Qatar; a sheikh who spent his entire life promoting, propagating Islam, and laying the foundation for education in Qatar till his death in 1968 AD – may Allah have mercy on him.

Additionally, he cited the sayings of our honorable Sheikh’s contemporaries that “The sheikh was a distinguished, unique personality, prudent, respectful, had sound judgment abundant in narration, with broad knowledge and bright face, divergent in his speech, and captivated peoples’ hearts with his pleasant talk and beautiful words”.

Moreover, he pointed out that the Sheikh’s efforts were not limited to giving speeches, lectures, writing articles or issuing fatwas, but also extended to be a constructive work establishing a constant religious and educational renaissance, adding that the sheikh opened the doors to education to Qatari girls and developed Islamic curriculums. The late sheikh played a vital role in founding the Secondary Religious Institute and providing the country with professors from Al-Azhar.

Our Honorable Sheikh Abdullah bin Turki Al-Subaie took the initiative to organize a broad campaign in order to collect donations for the Algerian Revolution Mujahideen. He exerted his efforts in that campaign, becoming its number one advocate and contributed with his own money. He further played the same role in helping and giving support to the Palestinian Mujahideen families.

The book content is based on the written scientific legacy that our Honorable Sheikh left behind, including lectures, lessons, radio recordings, official reports, correspondence and press interviews. The content was also formed what has etched indelibly in the memory of his companions, sons, apprentices and contemporaries. These sources contributed to documenting the phases that the Sheikh had particularly experienced and the Qatari society at that time in general.

During the press conference held to launch the book, Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Turki Al-Subaie, declared that the biography covered almost a century of time, indicating several aspects of educational, social and economic life in Qatar and the associated challenges and achievements. These challenges revealed a clear picture on the sheikh’s life, his perseverance to the emergence of an educational renaissance, as well as an Islamic awakening that have yielded positive results after the late sheikh has passed and still its effects remain to this very day . Al-Subaie also stressed that the name of our Honorable Sheikh was recognized with the name of the Azharites, that he has been titled “The Father of the Azharites (Abu Al Azharieen) in Qatar”; due to his dedication, efforts to attend to their affairs and request and show society the need for their knowledge.

Furthermore, Al-Subaie quoted what Dr. Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi wrote on the efforts exerted by our Honorable Sheikh in organizing qur’anic competitions, declaring: “I think that one of the matters in which Qatar have the precedence is organizing Quran memorization competitions, proposed by Sharia Sciences Inspection Authority chaired by Sheikh Abdullah bin Turki Al-Subaie to Sheikh Qasim bin Hamad Al Thani, Minister of Education who spared no effort to support this initiative and dedicate the budget required for such competitions”.

He also affirmed that this biography does not do him justice, laying emphasis on that discussing the life of scholars, their efforts, legacy , difficulties and hardships they faced are considered the most motivational aspects for their successors to do the same. He further stressed that scholars are guides to the path of our righteous predecessors and the noble ideals sought by each person who faithfully loves his religion and homeland.