Today, activities of Shabab Ladom virtual forum, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports represented in the department of youth affairs will be launched throughout this week.


The event is held within the framework of the Ministry’s effort to empower youth and ensure affective participation in society. The forum is considered an opportunity in which aspirations and aims of the youth meet to have effective role in society.


In this context, Maha Al-Rumaihi, director of youth affairs at the Ministry of Culture and Sports said to Arabs, “Shabab Ladom virtual forum is a youth activity that aims to be a comprehensive youth platform that provides youth with the opportunity to benefit from training courses and acquire skills and knowledge through dialogue and discussion sessions in addition to offering cultural competitions that combine culture and pleasure.


She added, “The event will serve as a conclusion to the summer activity that started from Last June 15 to July 15 this year. We decided that the conclusion should be an event that includes the distinguished events and that sheds the light on inspiring stories of Qatari youth who were able to overcome challenges and difficulties in a special distinguished event called “Give me from your experience.”


She said that this forum comes after the great demand of youth for events and activities of youth summer centers, most of which concluded at the beginning of this month pointing to the interest of youth affairs department at the ministry of culture and sports to extend its summer activity within a set of training courses and youth activities. She added, “The forum will be an opportunity for challenge and innovation and that the forum which includes international participation targets innovators from all over the world.”


On his part, Engineer Nasser Al-Moghaiseeb, a trainer in the field of management and youth entrepreneurship, who is participating in Shabab Ladom virtual forum by presenting a course entitled “Engineering your life”, stated that such forums and events are of great importance in developing skills, spreading awareness and culture among youth and developing their capabilities. He said that the interest of ministries and agencies to present their programs and events online was an imperative in reference to the need to cope with the era and its developments.


He added that the current circumstances taught everyone to adapt to the situation and not to stop at certain limits and to be keen on development and to enhance new skills. He considered that these forums are of great importance in ensuring the continuity of youth activities, exchange of skills and knowledge and continuation of training of all kinds.

As about “Engineering Your Life” program that he will present, Engineer Al-Mughaisib said, “It is an interactive program that focuses on refining experiences and capabilities of youth, helping them to be able to define their goals in life and deal with all the roles they play in life. Through this program, youth will move through several stages that begin from defining the field of his life if he has a specialization and if he is not a specialist, the “Engineering Your Life” program will help him define the area of his specialization that he should focus on in his life. The program also addresses the most important projects the young man presents in his life, whether projects in the professional aspect, social aspect as well as the private aspect.”


The program will be presented over 3 days during which the trainees will learn about the different roles in life from all social and spiritual aspects as well as the religious, health and self-development aspects.