The Ministry of Culture and Sports has approved the articles of association of Al Khor Cultural Center, which will enter a new organizational stage after adjusting its conditions, and opening the door for membership in it as of Monday until April 12.

Al Khor Cultural Center is considered one of the cultural beacons in the city of Al Khor with its cultural and social balance over more than forty years, and as a result of the adoption of its statute based on participation and empowerment of youth and intellectuals, membership will be opened according to the conditions and controls set by the statute of the center.

This step comes within the framework of the ministry’s keenness to raise youth awareness, involve them in managing cultural entities, and complement its plan to expand the base of participation in the management of youth, sports, and cultural entities, which began in the elections for youth centers, clubs, sports bodies and theater groups. In addition to developing working mechanisms at the level of administration and organization, enhancing participatory culture, improving institutional performance, empowering youth, and involving them in managing cultural and artistic affairs in cultural centers, in accordance with the ministry’s vision and values .

The Culture and Arts Department at the Ministry of Culture and Sports has prepared a plan to receive membership applications electronically through the application of “Shabablad3m” and in cooperation with the Information Systems Department starting today and continuing for a month, to begin the procedural steps that end with holding the Center’s General Assembly, and electing the Center’s President and Vice President in mid-June.

Within the framework of the Ministry’s directions to encourage democratic practice, empower young leaders to play their role in bringing about positive change in society, and transmit new visions and ideas that contribute to creating a continuous cultural movement that meets the needs of society and achieves the vision and strategy of the ministry.

Director at Culture and Arts Department of the Ministry of Culture and Sports Faisal Al Suwaidi, said in a statement today that the harmonization of the conditions of the Al Khor Cultural Center and the adoption of its statute seeks to infuse a new spirit based on independence, participation, youth empowerment, the development of the work environment and its attribution with more flexible and effective organizational mechanisms, in accordance with the Ministry’s vision that seeks to achieve life approach in which the individual determines his choices and commitments by the power of his will in making the future and contributing to building a conscious society with a healthy body and authentic conscience.

He expressed his hope to continue the role of the center, which has been continuous for forty years, in forming a cultural and social awareness in Al Khor city, and work to create an authentic cultural movement that encourages those interested in culture to join the center’s membership to serve Qatari culture, indicating that the Ministry of Culture and Sports is working to empower young people in locations that allow them self-development and the promotion of participation as the finest expression of citizenship and the strongest motivation to embody the will of the individual and his right to run and vote in organizations and institutions.