During a large ceremony in the heritage reserve of Umm Salal Mohammed, the Minister of Culture inaugurates the National Day slogan, “Our Unity is Our Strength.”

His Excellency Sheikh Abdulrahman Bin Hamad Al-Thani, Minister of Culture and Chairman of the Organizing Committee for Qatar National Day Celebrations, inaugurated the National Day slogan at a large ceremony in the heritage reserve of Umm Salal Mohammed, which will culminate the activities of the National Day celebration in Darb Al Saai, which has been transferred to its new and permanent headquarters. This inauguration was attended by a huge number of well-known figures, media professionals, writers, and intellectuals.

A short film was screened, depicting the togetherness and cohesion of Qatari society and reflecting a beautiful picture of the lofty values of loyalty and solidarity.

H.E. Sheikh Abdulrahman Bin Hamad Al-Thani then delivered a speech on this occasion, saying, “This year’s National Day is unique in that it coincides with Qatar’s World Cup hosting. As a result, each of us, whether young or elderly, citizen or resident, becomes an ambassador for this generous country. We are ambassadors for our morals, values, culture, virility, and wisdom among our family and relatives.”

His Excellency then revealed the slogan of this year’s National Day, “Our Unity is Our Strength,” which is an excerpt from a speech by His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, stressing the fact that Qataris have wisdom and virility over decades of the foundation epic.

He went on to say that God Almighty bestowed wisdom on good advice. It is important for a first impression, as you never have a second chance to make a first impression.

“This year’s slogan must be in line with this event, especially as the world comes to us on this occasion with its various cultures,” he said.

His Excellency added, “We are keen to consolidate our culture in our homeland and in future generations. If we had not been together, Qatar would not be what it is now. If we had not been together, we would not have become one of the most distinguished countries. If we had not been together, we would not have been able to host the World Cup on this good land.

His Excellency cited a verse of poetry that he said, “matches some of those who held positions in various parts of the world”:

There is hope for friendship in all animosities.    

Except for animosity from those opposed to you out of envy.

In another poetic verse:

People envied the man, as they had not achieved the same level of success as him.     As a result, they turned to be his enemies and opponents.

His Excellency stressed, “Nations are defined not by geographical or demographic considerations but by the determination for which the Qataris are known since the founding of this country.”

He also stressed, “With our resolve and unity as a source of our strength, we have been able to overcome economic, political, and even military difficulties.”

His Excellency also cited a verse of poetry for the late Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammad bin Thani, founder of the State of Qatar:

The days have not shaken our resolve due to our patience,

with which we rose higher, over every height.

He added, “Just as our hearts have always been open to everyone, the doors of Darb Al Saai will be open to everyone from November 25 until our National Day, the day that coincides with the World Cup final on December 18, 2022, to be a milestone for our culture and civilizational legacy.”

His Excellency concluded his speech by saying, “Whoever does not thank people does not thank God, and I thank all those who preceded us and contributed to building this country. We are their descendants.”

4500 Cultural and Heritage Activities

Dr. Ghanem bin Mubarak Al-Ali, General Supervisor of National Day Celebrations, stated during his inauguration speech that “the celebration of the National Day this year comes in an exceptional context, bearing the meaning of the challenge,” adding that “the synchronization of the World Cup with the celebration of the National Day raises the level of challenges that Qatari society has been accustomed to since the establishment of the state and over the generations. These challenges needed generations to be cohesive, united, and loyal, much like a solid structure.”

Dr. Ghanem considered that the slogan of the National Day, “Our Unity is Our Strength,” expressed the significance of this intellectual and social bond in reacting to challenges and demonstrating unity in thick and thin.

He said, “This year’s National Day includes about 4,500 cultural and heritage activities over a 24-day period, which will enhance loyalty, solidarity, unity, and pride in the national identity, revealing to visitors to Qatar during the World Cup period the bright aspects of our history and culture, our belief in civilized interaction with other cultures, and our pride in our Arab and Islamic values.”

Dr. Al-Ali also pointed to the inauguration of the new and permanent headquarters of “Darb Al-Saai” in Umm Salal Mohammed on an area of 150,000 square meters, stressing that “Darb Al-Saai will give its and Qatar’s visitors, who are guests of the World Cup, the opportunity to undertake a cultural, heritage, and artistic tour that reflects Qatari heritage and national values,” stressing that “to the extent that the activities of the National Day enhance the elements of the national memory of the members of the Qatari society, they give the new generation the opportunity to build their national personality. The National Day dedicates a number of events to young people, so that the National Day will be a communication space between all generations.”

Poetry and Music

The ceremony featured the distinguished participation of poets, Mubarak Al-Khalifa and Mohammad Yassin Saleh, who recited poetic verses highlighting the significance of the National Day’s slogan and the genuine Qatari values and heritage that this slogan embodies.

A song produced specifically for the occasion was also broadcast. The two poets’ poetic verses were composed by musician Mohammed Al-Marzouqi and sung by singer Fahad Al-Kubaisi.