The Minister of Culture and Chairman of the Organizing Committee for Qatar National Day Celebrations Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Hamad Al-Thani inaugurated Friday evening On 25 November 2022 Darb Al Saai events at its permanent headquarter in the Umm Salal in the presence of H. E. the Minister of Labor Dr. Ali bin Saeed bin Smaikh Al Marri and a number of public figures.


The events began by raising the Qatari flag. Then, H. E. the Minister of Culture and guests  His Excellency the Minister of Culture and the guests toured Darb Al-Saai, during which they were briefed on the most prominent posts and events that will last for 24 days.

Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Thani, Minister of Culture and Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Qatar National Day 2022 celebrations, said: the National Day is a dear occasion to all of our hearts, because of the sublime values ​​it represents which express the meanings of loyalty, belonging and fulfillment to this giving country.

His Excellency stressed that Darb Al-Saai is considered as a cultural space, which brings together many activities derived from the ancient Qatari environment and culture, and is inspired by authentic Arab values,

E. the Minister of Culture indicated that the diversity of cultural and heritage events in Darb Al-Saai reflects the richness of our history and heritage, and confirms the interest of the Ministry of Culture and the Organizing Committee for the National Day of the state by providing distinguished and rich activities, noting that he is proud in the work that has been accomplished and the preparation of the events, and in the permanent and new avenues of Darb Al-Saai, which is considered a sustainable legacy for the people of Qatar and future generations, and a unique cultural, artistic and heritage forum, and

E. Sheikh Saud bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Chief of the Amiri Diwan visited Darb Al-Saai headquarter and His excellency was accompanied by H. E. Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Thani, the Minister of Culture on a tour during which they were briefed the National Day of the State 2022, which is held under the slogan “Our unity is the Source of our strength.”

For his part, H. E. Dr. Ali bin Smaikh Al Marri, the Minister of Labor, praised the efforts of the Organizing Committee, praising the activities for this year presented which reflect the Qatari identity and highlight the cultural and heritage aspect of the Qatari people. He said in a press statement: that the atmosphere of Darb Al-Saai embodies the slogan of the National Day, “Our unity is the Source of our strength,” adding, “The opening of Darb Al-Saai activities coincides with the country’s hosting of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, providing an opportunity for the whole world to learn about our culture and history.”

In conclusion, His Excellency the Minister of Labor thanked the Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations, headed by His Excellency the Minister of Culture, for the efforts made to organize these events, which he considered distinguished and in pace with the National Day celebrations.

On another hand, Dr. Ghanem Al-Ali, the General Supervisor of the Organizing Committee for the National Day Celebrations, pointed out to the large public attendance at the opening of the National Day activities in Darb Al-Saai, predicting substantial number of visitors from the masses to attend, especially the fans of world cup 2022.

He said in a press statement on the sidelines of opening: the schedule of the first day included many special events and seminars started with transmitting the match of our national team through the screens provided by the Committee at many sites in Darb Al-Saai.

He added that “The Organizing Committee was keen to transmit the match of our national team with the Senegal national team, through the screens distributed at the Darb Al-Saai site, in addition to another screen that will transmit the various matches as well, in order to ensure that the fans and visitors to Darb Al-Saai follow the matches from the Darb Al-Saai site.”

He said, that the first day witnessed the presentation of the play “Al-Ghabba” and other heritage performances, such as the “Mahmal” wooden diving ship tour, which reflects a part of the lives of fathers and grandparents  aboard diving ships.  And a camel show also for the purpose of introducing visitors to Darb Al-Saai with an aspect of our land and sea heritage,

To provide unique experience to visitors — citizens, expatriates and guest, a bus service has started from Al Rayyan Bus Depot to Darb Al Saai. The committee has dedicated six buses to transport World Cup fans free of charge throughout the activities of Darb Al Saai., and he also indicated that the Committee provides integrated services for the masses started from the service shops.

Al Ali said that the days of Darb Al-Saai will be full and rich in cultural, heritage and entertainment events, expecting an increase in the number of visitors compared to what it was in the old headquarters, due to the capacity of the new site and the new events that the Organizing Committee was keen to add this year, as the Committee prepared a distinguished and varied package to keep pace with the great sporting event.

He added, “Darb Al- Saai will receive visitors from 3pm to 11 pm daily

Dr. AL Ali stated that the new headquarter of Darb Al-Saai enjoys a high level of equipment, services and public facilities that provide comfort and safety factors for visitors and participating parties and enhancing their experience during the events, and this is clearly shown through distributing pavilions of the entities participating in Darb Al-Saai and its headquarters, as well as the design that highlights the authentic Qatari architectural heritage with a modern, creative character.

For his part, Mr. Ahmed Khaled Al-Ansari, Deputy Director of the Qatar Photography Center and responsible for the activities of the center in Darb Al-Saai, indicated that there are several activities that the public will witness throughout the days of the event with the participation of 30 photographers.  He drew the attention that the most prominent event is establishing a professional photography studio besides a photo chat initiative consisted of two events which will be held on the main stage under supervision of Mohammad Al-Baker. And in regards  the exhibition to be held by the  within the Darb Al-Saai  activities, he indicating that it includes 43 creative works, all of which are photos that celebrate the aesthetics of Qatar and justify its cultural heritage and civilized façade. He added the center provides a photography competition within its activities to enhance the positive interaction of Darb Al-Saai fans with events and the discovery of distinguished talents. He also said that the first three winners will receive financial awards, and, within this context, he invited the public to participate and enjoy the various activities that will be presented by the Qatar Photography Center.

Abdel Rahman Ma’adid, who is responsible of the Ezba event, explained that the aim of the event is to portray the lives of Al-Badia and its poets and narrators. He emphasized that the aim was to send a message to new generations that it was important to maintain fathers’ and grandparents’ habits to recognize the shape and nature of their lives, and to stand on their suffering, as despite the difficulty of life in those days but they maintained customs and traditions and worked with all their power to defend this good country. He expressed his pleasure at the positive interaction of the children and families visiting the events of the Darb Al-Saai Event  he has experienced since the first day and keenness of many children to learn the skills of dealing with camels.

It is an exceptional year, in all its features and events, for the National Day and the hosting of the World Cup 2022, the National Organizing Committee was keen to allocate an event entitled “Music Event”, which is presented for its first year, presented by the Music Affairs Center affiliated to the Ministry of Culture.

About the event, Dr. Khaled Al-Salem, the Director of the Music Affairs Center, indicated that the center presents 42 events daily  in Darb Al-Saai that will last for  24 days, as the center presents 6 concerts under the title “The Oud Trilogy” on the main stage, the first of which is on 26 November at 7 pm, and a concert On 27 November, 2, 3, 5 and 8 December, 3 Qatari oud players will participate in the concert, and it includes a group of musical pieces, including Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony which will be played with a mixture of oriental instruments and orchestral instruments.

We also present a concert under the title “Nagham… from Darb Al-Saai” on 11 December at 9:00 pm, on the main stage, in which Hashem Al-Yafe’i, who won the first place in the “Nagham” competition in its 1st edition, held by the center every year, will participate. Yousra Mohamed also won the first place in the 2nd edition, and during the concert where approximately 10 of the most famous patriotic songs are presented, along with a joint singing duet that brings them together and one of the most famous patriotic songs.

Al-Salem added:  that we have also  a number of musical seminars, supervised by the poet Abdulhameed Al-Yousef in addition to the daily presence of the popular band, accompanying the artist Al-Niham Omar Bousaqer, in Al-Bidaa area, where the “Al-Fajri” art, one of the most prominent Qatari arts and knowledge in the Gulf, is presented, as well as scattered musicians along the Darb Al Saai.

In her turn, Huda Al-Yafei, Director of the Visual Arts Center affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and responsible for Art Gallery in Darb Al-Saai, explained that event presented by them shed light on various Qatari arts, characteristics of the local creativity in all fields and activities of visual arts, noting that the Art Gallery divided into a number of pavilions from which these activities are shown.  The ceramics arts have a distinguished place as it participates in an exhibition concerned to such form of innovation in which 12 artists who excelled in portraying their love for their country, in addition to an exhibition for patrons of the Qatari art, through which the collectibles collected from a number of collectors are presented. In addition to an exhibition of Arabic calligraphy, to celebrate the statements of the organization and to highlight the most beautiful lines that adorns some coins. As well as a photography exhibition presented by the Qatar Photography Center, and an exhibition presented by the Qatar Stamp Center and about the  special section for art workshops. It is worth mentioning that the Center offers 4 creative workshops, namely: a ceramics workshop, an Arabic calligraphy workshop, cartoon drawings, and etchings, and all of these workshops that will last for 24 days, in addition to an artistic café for the enjoyment of publics to drinking coffee and participating in the creation of artistic works.

A media delegation accredited by the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) also visited the avenues of Darb Al-Saai, and they toured to get acquainted with the various heritage activities and to get acquainted with what they offer and the purpose of each event.