Sheikha Al-Marri, member of the Consultative Committee of H. E. the Minister of Culture and Sports, held a meeting entitled “How to maintain your mental health during crises”. The meeting hosted Noura Al-Marri, social worker, via a live broadcast through the social networking platform “Instagram”. She called up the role of mental health awareness under the current conditions of the Corona crisis. The lecturer further emphasized that the individual’s ability to maintain his /her mental health derives from his / her awareness and understanding and ability to positively deal with the difficult circumstances so as to overcome this crisis by how they invest their time and take advantage of their potential, for their benefit and good. The mental health of the individual, as defined by the World Health Organization, depends on his / her physical, mental and social capabilities. Physical capabilities are represented in their physical wellness and lack of diseases, mental capabilities; mean lack of mental disorders, and social capabilities which is to be able to communicate with others easily. She outlined the importance of practices that enhance our mental health, first, to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and be sure that the crisis is temporary and it will pass eventually, because words impact our psyche without our even sensing it.
The member of the Consultative Committee said that her concerns about mental health stem from her passion for social work and her cooperation with the Youth Advisory Committee. Her motivation is reflected in the importance she pays to youth awareness of how to preserve their mental health and recognize the strength of external influences on their minds in the consciousness and subconscious, and the importance of mental health and its impact on the well-being of individuals.