Home quarantine and the social divergence imposed by the current situation with the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19 did not prevent members of the Qatari Authors’ Forum to celebrate the Garangao midnight on the 15th of Ramadan and the revival of their popular heritage. The forum launched the Garangao Online campaign through its social media platforms. Members participated in publishing celebration photos and videos with their children on this occasion, which revives the ancestral heritage. Members were also keen to publish an important awareness message that it is possible to celebrate and preserve customs and traditions while adhering to safety precautions.
Ms. Lina Al-Aali, plastic artist and member of the forum, published a video during which she celebrated the occasion with her daughter while encouraging community members to stay at home. She recorded in a short video, the moments of happiness that accompanied presenting the girl with bags of Garangao. Furthermore, Ms. Moudi Al-Hajri published photos and videos of her sons celebrating Garangao, accompanied by the songs of the popular occasion and heritage songs. Dr. Hessa Al-Awadhi also published a picture of her grandchildren in folk clothes as they celebrate this important occasion, which has its beautiful rituals. This is an annual opportunity to renew heritage and introduce the emerging generation to customs and traditions and gain a traditional heritage experience.
Ms. Iman Azayza also published a short video in which she photographed bags of gifts and sweets and celebrated this occasion by staying at home.
Moreover, a large number of the members of the forum published audio messages in which they congratulated each other and the Qatari community on this occasion and encouraged everyone to continue to adhere to the preventive measures to preserve their health and the health of their loved ones.
During the audio message published by Ms. Amal Al-Linjawi, she said, “Praise be to Allah that we have reached the middle of the month of Ramadhan and may Allah help us to complete the whole month. The sounds of nuts began to pop (thus the name “garangao” meaning popping) accompanied with colours of sweets and gift bags shining from afar. Voices of children began to rise chanting “Garangao, Garangao”. We must celebrate this year from home and Allah willing, we will celebrate next year without masks, gloves, or sterilizers. So, for the sake of Qatar, let us celebrate Garangao at home.
Meanwhile, Hamad Al-Tamimi said, “We preserve our beautiful traditions and customs, while at the same time preserving our lives and those of our loved ones by celebrating Garangao at home.”

The Qatari Authors’ Forum continues its cultural activities as a cultural body affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports concerned with caring for authors. The Forum aims to give due care to authors, especially in upgrading the cultural level of authors in accordance with Minister of Culture and Sports Decision No. (91) of 2018 establishing the Qatari Forum for Authors and approving its founding contract and articles of association.