The Media Center for Youth organized at its headquarters in Al-Dafna area, a meeting to draw the winning prizes with all transparency and following up on the direct account of the media center and many accounts on social media, which participated in the competition organized by the Youth Affairs Department of the Ministry of Culture and Sports on the occasion of the International Youth Day, which fell on the twelfth of August current.

A representative from the Department of Youth Affairs and country youth entrepreneurs attended the prize draw meeting with Qatari youth entrepreneurs who own coffee projects to encourage Qatari youth to engage in various activities that contribute to supporting this important segment.

The Department of Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in collaboration with The Media Center for Youth Cafes 974 Coffee, Charger Coffee and Twins Coffee, organized on August 11 and 12 a youth competition. It included placing a special barcode for an awareness video directed at young people, and everyone who wants to participate can share the video on their personal accounts with a like mark.

Three Instagram accounts won the competition awards, an iPhone Pro for each winner. A fourth account won the catering of Coffee service amounted to 1,500, and the coffee shop owners who participated in the competition were honored.

On this occasion, Professor Maha Al-Rumaihi, Director of the Department of Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, said that the competition marked a new beginning by pushing young people to contribute and participate in various activities of their own.

Al-Rumaihi expressed her happiness with the great cooperation shown by the Qatari youth from the cafe owners and their great support for the event, stressing that such events always need to have community bodies capable of supporting them, stressing that the Youth Activities Department always seeks to renew and provide everything that is close. Of the interests of Qatari youth, which gives space for everyone to express their ambitions and aspirations.

For her part, Professor Jawahar Al-Bader, Director of The Media Center for Youth, stressed that the competition was a challenge for all, especially since it presented this global event, International Youth Day, in a different way, and provided young people with an activity that they were not used to before asserting that such innovative ideas, close to young people’s diaries, are the most successful, showing that experience has proven this through a good turnout for this competition.

During the celebration, certificates of thanks were distributed to the owners of the coffee shops who expressed their gratitude to the management of youth activities for this event, stressing their readiness to participate in such future events because of their importance, whether for young people or even at the level of their own work.

Rellato desserts provided festive hospitality as part of its community responsibility.

This progress in the classification came as a natural result of the social youth movement being achieved on the ground, expressed by strategic steps, including the election of the Youth Advisory Committee for the Minister of Culture and Sports, which represents the voice of youth in the proposal and initiative, whose members were selected through elections in which more than two thousand boys and girls.

The State of Qatar has been ranked among the countries with a very high level of youth development, the highest in the index, which includes 34 countries.