The Media Centre for Youth of the Ministry of Culture and Sports has announced the start of a daily contest called “helha” on its social media platforms over a period of 5 days. The contest will feature questions in relation to protection from the Coronavirus and public health issued in general. These questions will be posted by doctors from Hamad General Hospital, through educational videos which include several common information on health, aiming at raising public’s awareness. These questions will be presented at the end of every educational episode. People will answer these questions in the comments and a drawing will be made at the end of every episode, where valuable prizes will be given to the winners every day.

On his part, Mr. Issa Abdullah, Director of Administrative Affairs and Activities at the Centre, stated that the Centre was eager to hold this activity during the Eid Holiday, as it deems it its duty to contribute in the provision of benefit to all society groups, given the current quarantine. He pointed that “helha” is a medical programme that will be streaming live on the Centre’s Instagram and Twitter. It will present information in a fun way, along with contests and prized in order to raise awareness in a different unconventional way. Abdullah noted that the Centre will continue to stream its activities after Eid. It intensifies its efforts to constantly communicate with its followers on different means of social media in order to provide new and useful information.