The Media Center for Youth launched the “Laḥẓa Shwaya” program, which conveys messages on how members of society can achieve self-motivation and overcome negative thoughts. On this occasion, the Center celebrated the launching of the new program by performing a creative show in order to explain the contents of that initiative.

The program, which will be broadcast twice a month on the Center’s social media accounts, seeks to provide positive ideas, stories and important advice on how to overcome negative feelings and moments of frustration in a distinctive and interesting way that contributes to the strengthening of the tools of self-motivation in human beings. After its inauguration, the program was acclaimed by the audience for its ability to convey messages to all members of society.

On this occasion, Ms. Jawaher Al-Badr, Director of the Media Center for Youth, said: “The program aims to benefit from the experiences of the members of society and their ability to manage self-conflict in positive and negative situations. She praised the role of the Center’s staff and their ideas that would contribute to the enhancement of the effectiveness of the Center on the one hand, and the public’s interaction with the Center’s activities, on the other hand.

For his part, Ali Al-Sada, Deputy Director of the Media Center for Youth, explained that this program contains many important details that the public will follow through the Center’s social media accounts, because it contains an interesting presentation method, which may be the first of its kind at the level of programs offered by the various centers in the State of Qatar.