The Youth Media Centre presented a workshop entitled “An Introduction to Television Presentation” yesterday evening, in cooperation with Al-Jazeera Media Institute. This workshop is part of the events of the virtual media camp, 12th -26th July. The workshop was presented by the journalist Muhammad Muzaimz, news and programs broadcaster at Al-Jazeera News Network. He introduced participants to the most important basic television presentation skills, highlighting the characteristics of news broadcasters and how he prepares for the newsletter. In addition, Muzaimez addressed other skills and topics such as how to interact with the team and manage discussions with the guests. It is worth mentioning that the activities of the virtual media camp provide a range of educational activities and services that aim to reinforce youth knowledge in a scientific manner and make effective awareness videos. This camp in addition introduces them to the correct manner by which they should appear in the live videos on the social media and how to manage crises. All of these topics are important to youth and simulate current situation in the state.