Doha International Book Fair 33

The Doha International Book Fair comes in line with Qatar’s Vision 2030, which aims to develop the knowledge economy, in addition to reflecting the state of the country’s cultural scene. It is considered a prominent cultural event with wide participation of Arab and foreign publishing houses which in turn contribute to enrich the cultural movement accompanying the exhibition.

Poet of Universities 2023

This event is held as a part of the Ministry of Cultures vision  . It attempts to create the concept of a “poet star” from universities’ students in Qatar, in line with the objectives that the Qatar Poetry Center (Diwan Al Arab) seeks to achieve with such poetic energies. This is because the Center is keen to provide the creative arena with promising poetic talents, which will be a tributary to the poetic movement witnessed by the State.


Doha Theatrical Festival 35


The Theater Affairs Center is holding Doha Theatrical Festival in its thirty-fifth edition. The festival includes (3) performances produced by private theater groups, (5) performances produced by artistic production companies, in addition to a group of performances produced by universities and colleges at the state level, along with performances produced by the Arab communities in Qatar, and performances given by young talents. The festival will also include practical seminars after each theatrical performance.


Goals of the Festival:

  • Activating and developing the theatrical movement by presenting distinguished theatrical performances in which there are many intellectual and directing trends and artistic treatments.
  • Developing the theatrical awareness of young theater artists through intellectual and artistic seminars.
  • Support and encourage distinguished local theater experiences.
  • Discovering young local theatrical artistic talents and capabilities and working on refining and preparing them artistically.
  • Strengthening relations between artists in various fields of theatre arts.
  • Establishing a theatrical fan base.


Qatari Songs Night Festival

This event is based on the Ministry of Culture’s  vision “towards a conscious society with an authentic conscience and a healthy body”. The Qatari Song Night Festival embodies the artist’s connection with the national identity and culture of the Qatari society by reflecting the details of the local environment. The Festival is a major milestone in that emotional meeting between the creative art of Qatari singing and the taste of the Qatari audience, who is passionate about music and elite singing. The Qatari song, through its content and originality, paints the features of Qatari life over the years, and is characterized by honesty and nobility of feelings.

State Award Ceremony for Child Literature

This event encourages creative writers and novelists from Qatar and the Arab world to produce high-level works in the fields of children’s literature and arts. Developing the child’s literary and cultural abilities and creating literary awareness for them, enriching the Qatari and Arab library with literary and artistic works in the fields of children’s literature inspired by heritage and realities.

Qatar Scholars: Sheikh / Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al-Ansari

The member Sheikh Sultan Darei, reviews in it the biography of a group of distinguished scholars from the State of Qatar, who had a large and effective role in the Qatari society, and left an impact, and this initiative is a tribute to them for their role in spreading awareness, encouraging science, and preserving teachings Religious, and moral value.

Workshop: Technology in Qatar: Origin and Development

The Qatari Forum for Authors, will host the writer and researcher in the history of technology Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sunaidi next Monday in a meeting on the YouTube channel to talk about technology in Qatar since its inception and its various stages of development.