Inviting the ordinary general assembly to convene

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Inviting the ordinary general assembly to convene

Event Date
February 14 - March 24, 2021
About the Event

The Executive Director and members of the Executive Board of Al Jamiliyah Youth Center are pleased to invite the members of the General Assembly of the Center to attend the first ordinary general assembly meeting scheduled for Wednesday, March 24, 2021, at six in the evening at the headquarters of the Jamiliyeh Youth Center (Girls’ Forum) In the event that the quorum of the ordinary general assembly meeting is not completed on the specified date, the meeting will be postponed to another date within a week of its date and the second meeting will be valid with the attendance of one-fourth of the members. If the quorum is not complete, the meeting shall be postponed for a period not exceeding one hour from the date of the second meeting. And this meeting will be valid in the presence of any number of members.
In order to consider the following agenda:
1- Hearing the word of the current executive director of the center
2- Formation of the Membership Affairs and Elections Committee
3- Election of the President (provided that the candidacy for the position takes place within ten days from 02/20/2021 to 01/03/2021)
4- Election of the Vice President (provided that the candidacy for the position takes place within ten days, from 02/20/2021 until 01/03/2021)
5- Financial report
6- Approval of the renewal of the external auditor for the financial year 2021, and determination of his fees.
7- New business

Note that the procedures for registering to attend the assembly and voting to elect the president and vice president require the member to personally attend the election headquarters and present the membership card.

Registration Affairs Committee

Event Location
Event Organizer
aljumaliya youth center