Youth Centers

Al Thakhira Youth Center

  • Sunday - Thursday
    7:00a.m. till 12:p.m.
    3:00p.m. till 8:00 p.m.

It is a youth center affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports, it was established upon the initiative of a group of Al Thakhira youth with the aim of creating a suitable environment to activate energies of the young peple in the region in the youth and social fields, helping them occupy their leisure time, develop their talents, and provide services and activities related to youth and social character.

The most important current and future objectives of the Center are as follows:

1-Nurturing the regions youth to adhere to a sound and healthy doctrine, developing awareness of national affiliation, so that they can deal with the modern developments and its culture and get acquainted with modern technology, exploit it in a beneficial manner.

2-Organizing and investing youth’s capacities to ensure their active participation in human development, consolidating the values of collective and voluntary work, cooperating with official and civil authorities in the fields related to youth and social activities, highlighting the capabilities of creative and talented youth, and adopting plans and programs to achieve them.

3-Urging and encouraging young people to practice recreational sports of all kinds, setting up camps for the development of physical fitness, taking into account the safety and preservation of the environment.

His Excellency the President of the General Authority for Youth issued decision No. (16) For the year 2006, for establishing Al Thakhira Youth Center as a youth body with a legal personality.

Al Thakhira Youth Center