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Al-Rayyan Sports Club

  • Sunday to Thursday
    8:00 am till 12:00 pm
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Al Rayyan Sports Club endeavors to step out into light remained a dream tickling the imagination of the people of the region. Meetings and discussions to build strong foundations to proclaim the club in the appropriate form where all the elements of success are available to start strong and remain stronger to this time, didn’t stop. Especially the region was full of talents, people with skills and high athletic capabilities, to the extent that some of the region’s youth were planning seriously to participate in the official tournaments to compete with big clubs after they outperformed in the summer school games, which bring together different school students at the level of Qatar, during which Al Rayyan sons achieved high performance, especially in football games..

Thus, were the dreams that did not last long until year 1967 which carried good and historical news for Al Rayyan’s fans and lovers, when Qatar’s Supreme Committee officially announced the starting of Al Rayyan attaching it to Qatari clubs under Series No. 15 to become the current Al Rayyan, emperor of Qatari Sport with large audience.

Al Rayyan is not just a socio-cultural sports club created to pave the way for the people of Al-Rayyan nor a club declared after merging the old Al Rayyan team with Al Nusoor team to become new Al-Rayyan that strongly enters the throne of championships and titles, rather, it is one of the prestigious sports institutions not only in Qatar or the Gulf, but also in the Arab world and the entire Asian continent, and the reality evidenced by a long history extending from the year 1967.

“Al-Rayyan” a history full of achievements abounded with many victories and holds many champions, stars, phenomena and legends not only in football, but in all games.

Al-Rayyan Sports Club