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Al Khor Sports Club

  • Sunday to Thursday
    8:00 am till 12:00 pm

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The people of Al-Khor region, home to many employees of the oil industry, were able to realize the importance of having a club that provides them with the appropriate field to invest their energies, this realization came as a result of the actual participation in the recreational activities practiced at Qatar Petroleum Company.

For the purpose of increasing the conviction of the importance of having a club, meetings were held between the people of Al-Khor region, and the period between 1957 to 1959 constituted the real years of planning and implementation where a youth institution was emerged due to the remarkable and successful efforts of the people of Al-Khor under the name of (Al-Taawun Sports Club), however the club suspended its activities after that.

In 1961 the club resumed its activities by another group of Al-Khor people and began practicing its activities and adopted football as its primary sport, as well as some other limited recreational and social activities due to the modest resources at that time. The original club colors from 1961 were primarily yellow and white

During that period, the club coincided with the presence of two other clubs in Al-Khor area, “Al-Jeel” Club and the “Al-Aswad” Club located in the city of Al-Thakhira, with the three operating separately from each other and because the region cannot stand having three clubs, it was agreed to coordinate and unify the efforts to merge Al-Aswad Sports Club with Al-Taawun Sports Club on 5/4/1962 which was followed subsequently by Al Jeel Sports Club on 7/2/1964.

Al Khor Sports Club