Sports Clubs

Al Ahli Sports Club

  • Sunday to Thursday
    8:00 am till 12:00 pm

Al-Ahli Club was founded under the name Al Najah Sports Club in 1950, rendering it the oldest surviving sports club in Qatar, a football team was formed at that time that gained permanence and continuity.

The continuation of this youth gathering was the motive for the formation and establishment of the first club in the State of Qatar, and the results achieved with other teams at that time, prompted the launch of “Al Najah Club” the first organized youth sports gathering.

The Ahli Sports Club extended the national teams with many players in various games and grades, especially in football. The club had the honor to provide the Qatar National Youth Team with 5 of prominent players, which later won the second place in the World Youth Championship in 1982.

In 1972, Qatar Youth Welfare issued a decision to merge the clubs, Al Najah was merged with Al Ahli club under its current name, “Al Ahli Sports Club,” the club’s color was officially decided as green. In 1964, the members of the constituent body were officially authorized by Ministerial resolution No. (2) of 1384 Hijri, to establish a club under the name (Al-Najah Sports Club).

In 1984, in recognition of those responsible for youth welfare in the country and being one of the oldest Qatari clubs, it was the first club to receive its new headquarters. The club has played a prominent role in the dissemination of collective games in the country since its inception.

Al Ahli Sports Club