Following the conclusion of the last round of the Book Fair, held in cooperation with Qatar University, Al-Khor Girls Center of the Ministry of Culture and Sports had begun preparations for collecting the books participating in the Exhibition “Bring a Book back to Life”, organized by Center for the third consecutive year. This was the first cooperation of its kind between the two parties, aiming to encourage students to acquire books and donate the ones they no longer need.
Al-Khor Girls Center set March, 15 as the last day to receive the books to be displayed in the next edition of the Fair, provided that no school textbooks will be accepted. The Center tweeted: “Set your books free; take them down the shelves .. old or new, let us know and we will come to collect them”
The Book Fair aims to restore the true worth of the book, by instilling this worth among different groups of the audience; in addition to raising awareness of the importance of the books and the need to use leisure time productively.
The last edition of the Book Fair was characterized by a remarkable turnout by the visitors who regarded the Fair as a significant initiative that could contribute to meeting their needs; especially with the diversity of the book titles to satisfy different tastes of those who seek knowledge, research and learning. What is remarkable about this Fair is that, unlike other Book Fairs, books are collected by donation, classified and then displayed for sale in an atmosphere of giving and positivity; with a view to encourage reading, engage the society in sharing beneficial culture, and keep the worth of the book alive for as long as we live.