Al-Jasra Cultural Salon hosted the colleague Majed Hamad Al-Jabara in a lecture entitled “The Role of Satirical Literature in Addressing Societal Issues.” The meeting was initiated by the writer, Hanan Badi’, the coordinator of the Al-Jasra Cultural Salon, where she welcomed the guest and the attendees, and gave a brief summary of the guest’s scientific and practical journey, then, she referred the speech to him, where he expressed his happiness at his presence in Al-Jasra Club in particular, and in “Al-Yasra” in general, explaining that ease is life and existence. He added by saying that: We were the last generation born and our personality was formed through the environment of ease, then, the lecturer continued the conversation on the subject of his lecture, starting with some problems, including facing reality and self-criticism, where he said that he sought to communicate his idea in a simple way that has a kind of irony especially since we are in a society that is described as serious and rigid and does not like ambiguity, and that is why the idea of ​​​​his book “Spilled Ink” came about. He added by saying that: Let’s pour the ink and let what happens happen, and pointed out that for that reason he chose the path of satirical literature without all methods. Here, he referred to the Hungarian proverb that says: (There is no good in all seriousness).

Thus, the lecture continued, which the audience followed, responding to its lecturer, as they discussed with him on several aspects and points related to the topic. The session also witnessed the distribution of copies of the publication authored by the writer under the title “The Spilled Ink”, and several chapters of it were discussed. This meeting culminated in honoring the guest, who was presented by the Secretary General, Mohammed Nasser Al-Obaidan, with a certificate of thanks and the shield of the club.