Al Jasra Club is organizing the Maghreb Communities Forum in cooperation with the Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian communities in Qatar. The event includes musical and lyrical performances, an exhibition of traditional and heritage costumes, examples of food culture that reflect the richness and diversity of Maghreb cuisine, and a cultural lecture.

Mohamed Said Ibrahim, board member and general supervisor of the event, said: “the club’s management celebrates the culture and creativity of the Maghreb by highlighting its constituent elements that reflect its distinctive character in the social, cultural fabric of the nation. This comes within the framework of the club’s openness to the treasures of Arab culture and humanity and the opening of its platforms to familiarize the public with these treasures and recognize them, within the framework of exchange, cultural and artistic dialogue, and social communication.

We are delighted that our club is organizing and hosting this forum and our country is hosting the Arab Cup events in Doha, which is a valuable opportunity to exchange experiences and communicate among the people of the nation. For his part, Yahyaoui Zouhair, representative of the Algerian community in Qatar, expressed the importance of this event and this cooperation between Al Jasra Club and the Maghreb communities in Doha, and its role in reflecting the cultural dimensions and the civilizational aspect of Algerian society. Specialists have prepared an ambitious program that reflects the features of the diversity of Algerian society and the richness of its culture through an exhibition on the heritage of Algerian fashion, the culture of decorations and food, along with a band performing examples of music and singing in Algeria, and a cultural lecture on the Arabic language and its roots in Algeria.

. Mohamed Amari, the representative of the Moroccan community, stressed that the message of the event is to pay attention to the elements of Moroccan civilization and its position in the souls of its children, and to the positive interaction of the community with the Qatari society and to express their desire to be part of the Renaissance and development of this country. Amari expressed their pride in participating and cooperating with all state institutions. We are honored to collaborate with Al-Jasra club, one of the most prestigious cultural clubs in Qatar and the gulf, preceded by the great thinkers and innovators of the Arab world , and we continue this cooperation through this event in which we present: a musical band that presents the musical heritage of Moroccan Hassani, Andalusian, Granati, Amazigh and Arab، and a heritage band performs festive dances and shows that reflect the diversity of Moroccan music.

In addition to an exhibition of traditional costumes, handicrafts, decorations, and a display of the Moroccan food culture in its regions and diversity. Abdel Basset Younes Hilali, representative of the Tunisian community, expressed the community’s celebration of this cooperation between the Tunisian community and Al Jasra Club, as part of their common quest to celebrate culture and values, by presenting examples of artistic and social traditions that reflect the cultural depth of Tunisia and the Maghreb and its heritage references. By presenting cultural, social and heritage models represented in food culture, traditional costumes, folklore, and traditional and modern music. Abdel Basset pointed out the importance of this Maghreb forum in light of Qatar’s hosting of the 2021 Arab Cup, which provides a wide opportunity to inform visitors of the country about the aesthetics of arts and heritage, and to promote Qatar as a tourist destination.