The Qatari Authors Forum shed light on Patience Literature as part of a new episode of the literature initiative, presented by writer and media personality Dr. Abdullah Faraj Al-Marzouki through the YouTube channel. The forum and its social media platforms met on Sunday, weekly, and discussed the importance of literature in various fields of life. Dr. Marzouki said that he chose to address the patience literature that is needed in everyday life. He stressed that patience is patient, patience over what you hate, and patience over what you want. He defined patience as preventing the soul from what Allah has forbidden, from desires, and from what offends Allah. The word patience is contained in the Holy Qur’an in ninety-five verses, and one of the most famous Qur’anic stories is the story of the Prophet Ayub. Dr. Al-Marzouki said that patience is of various types and degrees, because there is patience over adversities, calamities, and harm from humans. There is also patience for the vicissitudes of the world, and satisfaction with the repetition of “Allah is sufficient for me and He is the Best Guardian.” He pointed out that good news does not come until after patience, which is what is stated in God’s Book in his words, “The Good News of the Steadfast.”