The Qatari Forum for Authors organized a lecture on the literary life and contributions of the international writer Tayeb Saleh. It was presented by writer Mokhtar Khawaja as part of the Forum’s participation in the Doha International Book Fair. Mr. Khawaja said at the beginning of the lecture that the international writer Tayeb Saleh is a unique model in the world of novel and literature for his different approach to reality and the subject of identity, self and the other, which are topics that I think were not given enough criticism in the literature of Tayeb Saleh. His thoughts about oneself and the other were highlighted when it comes to his novel “Season of Migration to the North”, but not much attention was given to other novels he wrote, he added. Mr. Khawaja explained that if we start with Mustafa Saed, the main character of the novel “Season of Migration to the North”, we will find him detached from his own self; where he immersed himself in the society of “the other” and discovered that this society is developing him and making him in the mold of the person from the East with the features written in orientalism works, and he merged into the role prepared for him and engaged in it and then came out of that society to live as an Englishman in the Sudanese countryside which he does not belong to. Moreover, Mr. Khawaja stressed that Tayeb embraced towards these phenomena multiple directions. The narrator in the “Season of Migration to the North” decided his choice and returned to the sphere from which he came, while the narrator in Ellen was the writer, but in “Mansi” he continued to be surprised by the fluctuations of the character nature only, as if Tayeb is confused about the dilemma of unstable identities characterizing the people of our modern age.