As part of the “Let Your Pen Release your Thought” campaign launched by the Qatar Forum for Authors in July, strategic expert Dr. Buthaina Hassan Al-Ansari presented a lecture entitled “Empowering Qatari Women through the National Vision 2030.” The lecture was broadcast via the forum’s YouTube channel.
At the beginning of the lecture, Dr. Al-Ansari addressed the subject of the National Vision 2030, which was developed during the reign of HH The Prince Father Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. The Vision served as a road map to transform Qatar into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development goals and meeting the needs of all citizens.
This Vision is founded on four basic pillars, namely human, economic, social and environmental development. Dr. Al-Ansari considered that human capital is the engine of societies. Accordingly, Qatar has sought since the beginning of the 50s to invest in education and development. Today, Qatar is able to prove its ability to produce leaders of outstanding and competent youth, whether from Qatar University or from foreign universities all of which fall under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Furthermore, Qatar enjoys a global health system that keeps pace with the latest developments in the field and provides high-level treatment services.
The second element is that of economic development. Qatar has been able to diversify its economic activities. Not only has Qatar invested in oil and gas, but has also directed its investments to the agricultural and animal sector, thus being able to achieve self-sufficiency in many sectors. The third pillar is that concerned with social development. Social cohesion and solidarity among Qataris while preserving morals, values and heritage and preserving the Arab-Islamic identity and being open to different cultures is the aim being sought. The Qatari society has become a cultural mosaic due to the mingling of various cultures on Qatar’s land. All these sectors are overlapping and integrated.
The strategic expert explained that the concept of “women empowerment” varies from one social group to another and falls within the framework of social development.