The organizing committee of the Qatar Camel Festival 2022 inaugurated the new identity and the verbal slogan of the festival (the very generous), which will appear this season in a new style, represented by the integration of all categories of Al-Asayel, Majaheem and Al-Mughateer, to become under the name (Qatar Camel Festival) in the interest of the Organizing Committee to develop it and to present it in the best way possible.


This interest comes because camels have a high status for Arabs. Their people have a sense of wealth, a source of livelihood and a source of food. They eat from their meat, drink from their dairy, have baggage on them and in the Almighty’s saying, “Do they not look at the camels, how they were created?” It is an invitation to reflect on the wonder of God’s creation of this animal, which accompanied parents and grandparents, and was of help to them, in the hardship of life, so that we see it today as a symbol of our heritage and culture which is derived from the authenticity of our conscience, to express An ancient history, to express a long history, and immortal glory to the Qatari man, and present in poems that sang with cunning, patience and a great deal of giving, so that today comes the role of the youth, in preserving the heritage of the ancestors, and passing it on to future generations (very generous).


# Qatar Camel Festival

This is considered to be the first version of the Qatar Camel Festival in its new style, in which the festival includes more than one category of camels, namely, (Al-Asayel, Majaheem and Al-Mughateer). The festival is based on several competitions related to camel groomers, in which competition is held to choose the most beautiful she-camel or group of camels. The winning camels are evaluated and selected according to specific specifications and criteria that are recognized by the specialists.


# Objectives

The festival aims at many goals, including preserving and enhancing the heritage in Qatari culture, preserving camel breeds, and a forum for camel owners and lovers. It also aims to educate the younger generations about the importance of Qatari heritage and traditions, and to preserve the sport of parents and grandparents, and to familiarize young people with it. The festival, through events and activities, also contributes to the development of cultural tourism and stimulation of economic activity, attracting more visitors to the events.


In this context, Mr. Hamad Jaber Al-Athba, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Qatar Camel Festival, explained that the development of the festival is carried out according to a well-thought-out framework, to make it easier for everyone to participate and enjoy at the same time the hobby of parents and grandparents, as well as to evoke all the ancient traditions and customs.


# The story of the slogan

Al-Athba said, in the press conference, that the new slogan of the Qatar Camel Festival was designed to express the heritage, as it is inspired by the camel ropes “Al-jnaieb” which are used to decorate camels in addition to their other uses by the camel people, as shown in the logo in the form of A camel drawn with sadu, which indicates one of the most important professions in the ancient Qatari heritage. Shedding light on the status of camels since ancient times among the people of the Gulf and their connection to our ancient heritage, and a kind of appreciation or pride in them. Where the image of the camel was used in the sadu fabric as a kind of appreciation or pride


He added that the launch of the slogan also witnessed the launch of the official accounts of the Qatar Camel Festival (qcamelf) on various social media sites, in order to communicate with all lovers of this authentic heritage, which receives great attention from the majority of Qatari society.


# Exceptional Version

Al-Athba explained that the Qatar Camel Festival this season will be a different and exceptional version, as the Al-Asayel, Al-Majahim and Al-Maghaiter festivals have been merged into one festival.


The festival will be held in two periods, the first being local competitions dedicated to Qatari owners, and the second international competitions dedicated to all camel owners in the world, especially brothers in the Gulf countries.


This season’s Qatar Camel Festival will witness many new events, cultural and heritage events, as well as an increase in the volume of prizes, both physical and in kind, for winning owners.

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Festival noted that the awards of the festival would cover all stages of the festival, taking into account their distribution by type of step, strength and difficulty of competition. Noting that the detailed schedule of the festivals will be announced next November.


Al- Azbaa stressed that all the committees involved in organizing the event were making great efforts to bring it out in a manner appropriate to the State of Qatar, noting that work was under way to develop the festival in all respects.


The head of the organizing committee attributed the reason for dividing the festival into local competitions first and then international, to give the Qatari owners the opportunity to compete, qualify and gain experience in local competitions before entering international competitions, and then enter the competitions strongly and compete with owners at the Gulf level.


Al-Athba expected that the festival, after modifications and developments this year, would attract a record number of fraternal owners in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, especially since the festivals organized by the State of Qatar are always successful at all levels.


At the conclusion of his statement, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee invited all camel owners in the State to respond to the heritage event in February next year and to register for participation, especially since the Organizing Committee raised the ceiling of the prizes and awards whether in kind or cash this year in recognition of the efforts of all to preserve a heritage sport.


Camels are considered to be those different animals which Allah has granted various advantages and honored them by mentioning them in the Holy Qur’an. It was known for its endurance and patience, as it was one of the first animals and means that lived and were used by man since ancient times, and accompanied him throughout his life in the various struggles of life and their transportation in the desert


The patronage of camels has been inherited on the Arabian island ever since, and still so far, because of this relationship and the complete connection between man and camel in the Gulf environment, poets reflected it and used it in plenty of poems and it was reflected in their proverbs, textiles, customs and habits. It is also a symbol of generosity, love and giving. Man is the son of his environment, as it is said and as we can see. After the development and urbanization that have contributed to the renunciation of many Badians and the living in the desert, they still maintain their inherent heritage and customs to accompany this relationship with the development of many camel festivals and activities for all categories and genders in support of this authentic folk heritage, camel owners and livestock.