The Music Affairs Center of the Ministry of Culture launched the (Nagham 2023) competition in Arabic and foreign languages, under the slogan (Rhythm of Success), which aims to discover and nurture musical talent.

Yesterday morning, the Center organized a press conference to announce the details of the competition. It was opened by Mrs. Maryam Yassin Al Hammadi/ Director of the Culture Department at the Ministry of Culture. She appreciated the role of the Ministry and the Music Affairs Center in supporting talents, wishing all participants to benefit from this distinctive version of the competition.

On his part, Mr. Khaled Al-Salem/ Director of the Center for Music Affairs, said during his speech at the conference: “This is the third edition of the Nagham Competition, which is a singing competition directed to citizens and residents of Qatar of all ages. Noting that registration opened last September 18, the competition received many people wishing to participate, and the current edition will be full of talents worthy of respect and exposure.

While the artist Ali Abdel Sattar, one of the members of the jury for the Arab competition, said that he was happy with this participation, and hoped that he and the members of the jury would contribute to presenting singing talents worthy of the singing scene in Qatar.

In respect for participation in the jury this year, the artist Ghanem Shaheen said: I am very honored to be part of the jury of this competition, which was born big and giant and brought to the singing scene distinguished talents who were able to make a way for themselves through this competition. Shaheen gave the talents participating in the competition important advice, which is to work hard and work on continuous development, saying: “We must continue to learn, work and work hard. We do not stop at this competition and winning it or participating in it only, but rather you, as young talents, must adopt this competition as a starting point.”

As for the artist Nasser Muhammad, during his speech, he expressed his happiness at participating in the Nagham Competition in its third edition, wishing everyone success, stressing at the same time that his participation as an actor is not strange since acting and singing fall under the banner of art in general.

Dana Al-Fardan said that she is happy with this competition, in which she is participating as a member of the jury, noting that it is an important step in the musical culture in Qatar. She added that she saw this through the submitted videos that they chose during the previous days.

She concluded: I wish the competitors all the best and support in the next steps of the competition.

The competition will be held in two versions: The first is the singing category for Arabic speakers, and the other is for non-Arabic speakers, where there will be two different jury for each of the two categories.