This evening, under the auspices of His Excellency Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Thani, the Minister of Culture, the second edition of Ramadan Book Fair will be launched at the Darb Al-Saai headquarters in Umm Salal, with the participation of 79 publishing houses and bookstores from inside and outside Qatar.

Publishers and readers alike are eager to get their hands on the books and learn from the variety of knowledge and sciences that will be presented by the participants, in addition to various fields in the cultural fields, as this version is released.

The exhibition is jam-packed with youth- and kid-friendly religious and cultural activities, which is in accordance with the Ministry of Culture’s goal of enhancing visitors’ experiences and preserving the spirit of the holy month. The forthcoming edition draws 48 publishing houses and libraries from Qatar as well as 48 international publishing houses from 14 different nations: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The Ministry of Culture was keen to hold this edition to promote the participation of a large number of publishing houses specialized in books for children and young adults in both Arabic and English. The exhibition will also be an opportunity to launch books and modern publications and a platform supporting authorship and the publishing and book industry in Qatar, in addition to the accompanying events that it will witness.

In this context, a number of creators praised the initiative of the Ministry of Culture to hold the second edition of the exhibition. They affirmed that the exhibition is the result of the efforts and tireless work of the Ministry and intellectuals, and that it will be a great opportunity to localize writers, encourage reading, and support knowledge in its various fields.

The importance of the book

Writer Saad Abdul Rahman Al-Baker said that Doha is no longer just a focus of the world’s attention as investment opportunities for businessmen, nor just a long-term goal for industrialists, nor is it only real estate portfolios with guaranteed profits for real estate and merchants, but rather it has become a beacon and a platform that brings together intellectuals, writers and authors of various categories and diversity of their pens.

He continued: The holding of the exhibition reflects the belief of the Ministry of Culture in the importance of the book, as well as the importance of the intellectuals and the influence of the world of culture and intellectuals in general in the advancement of societies, as they are the most important factor in advancing the development process and the wheel of progress and prosperity in countries. Pointing out that Qatar’s ship, represented by (a nation that reads), is at the forefront of the state’s efforts, and these efforts are summarized in creating numerous and useful occasions throughout the year to create a diverse cultural atmosphere, and Ramadan Book Fair this year is only the result of the efforts, hard work and enthusiasm of a group of Qatari authors, residents and the rest of the world. Religion gave from their thought the yoke, the essence of their creativity, and the fruit of their experiences, to take shape in the form of a book with a beautiful cover, dazzling colors, rich inventory, and deep content.

He pointed out that this is a fact that everyone wishes for the concerned authorities to work and for efforts to unite and join efforts to put forward and adopt the project (Doha, the eternal book capital), and in order for this proposal to gain global and regional acceptance by the competent authority, the project for the costs of printing any book for any author, especially books, must be adopted. research, scientific and jurisprudence until this project becomes truly established, especially since Qatar has the right to monopolize this prestigious literary and cultural proposal.


Cognitive production

The Writer Hanadi Mousa Zainal, a translation expert at the Ministry of Culture, described the exhibition as having a special nature that gives it great importance, where the general public is thirsty for books and knowledge production. She referred to the huge momentum and popularity that Doha is witnessing as a tourist destination for many different nationalities, “as well as the state of political consensus in the region, which allowed the participation of many publishing houses in the Arab countries, as this version comes with the participation of 79 different publishing houses, including 31 publishing houses from outside the State of Qatar.” ».

She said that despite the spread of electronic reading applications on tablets, the printed book remains the main tool for spreading knowledge. Likewise, book fairs are a great opportunity for young people and children to participate in such festive events, which enhances their love of knowledge and attachment to books, and provides them with a dose of culture.

The Writer Hanadi Zainal added that the economic aspect of supporting various publishing houses by presenting and promoting their publications through Ramadan Book Fair increases the prosperity and growth of this important economic aspect, which gives opportunities to many writers to publish their work and communicate their word to the reader.

Community of Readers

The writer, Rawda Al-Amiri, said: Doha is living these days, on the rhythm of the activities of Ramadan Book Fair, which creates a reader community, looking forward to new culture in every suit she wears, to soar with thought, and reach a meeting point, with one of the writers in a set of words, that make him imagine All of its contents are images suspended in the memory of the future.

To develop his thought and literary level, to become a voracious reader with time, his love for reading is filled with nothing but causes, so as soon as he ends, he returns to reading again. And she confirmed that thanks to Ramadan Book Fair, with the advent of the month of goodness and worship, culture saw it as a home among the minds of those present, to produce culture from the refinement of thought after reading books, and to familiarize it with methods that provide it with knowledge. She pointed out that “culture is a part of all, and it is one of all things, and the word culture is still confusing to educated minds, and those minds looking forward to culture, so you answer them shyly that it is still in the process of growth, because culture is vast, and it always invites you to think, think, and think.”. She said: You may be a thinker, and your thought may be confused because of the books and encyclopedias in front of you that need an eternity to live with its writers and thinkers, but the Ministry of Culture came to the book fair to limit you to roaming with your body, to wander with your thought soaring until you reach a meeting point with an idea and a thinker.

Your pen may stop writing due to circumstances, as soon as that exhibition begins, your pen will return to its enthusiasm, and you will become a writer again. But after meeting with all those present in their tracks, in a group of papers, which are called books, only for you, reader, in an invitation to glorify the letter, and activate the values ​​of knowledge construction, there was a book exhibition.

Asmaa Al-Kuwari: The religious culture is present in Dar Nabja

Mrs. Asmaa Al-Kuwari, the Director of the Children’s Literature Center and Nabja Publishing House, said that the house will participate in the exhibition with distinguished publications, and will have several activities, including a Ramadan event for breakfast, followed by attending Ramadan exhibition, and there will also be a child’s presence in the training workshops that will be organized by the house. In cooperation with the public. Mrs. Asmaa Al-Kuwari continued: The house’s pavilion will include a group of publications for the holy month of Ramadan, “as we have selected books related to religious culture, as well as books in Arabic and English, and the house will also be present on World Book Day, among other activities.”

Distinct participation of Dar Al Sharq with more than 300 titles

Dar Al Sharq Group participates in a distinctive pavilion inside the exhibition, presenting many diverse publications in various fields. Dar Al Sharq invited Qatari and resident writers and authors to display their publications in the exhibition, through the house’s pavilion. Mr. Wael Al-Saghir, Director of Distribution Operations at Dar Al Sharq, said: The house will participate in more than 300 titles in various religious, cultural, scientific and educational fields, which makes the pavilion present a unique set of publications by Qatari and resident writers and authors. He called on the audience of the exhibition to visit the pavilion and purchase the distinguished publications that he will present to them.

He thanked the Ministry of Culture for its constant support to publishing houses, and for holding such qualitative exhibitions that are of special importance. He also thanked all the writers and authors who collaborated with Dar Al Sharq. He stressed the keenness of the publishing house to support the cultural scene with qualitative and distinguished publications, which leads to the localization of books in the State of Qatar, in addition to encouraging reading. He pointed out that among the publications that the house will participate in in the exhibition is Jassim magazine, which enjoys a remarkable turnout in all exhibitions in which Dar Al Sharq participates, because of the useful and purposeful information it provides, which attracts the young segment to it, in addition to a large number of books and different publications. targeting different groups and ages.