The “Creative” training programme offered by the Qatari Authors’ Forum was launched within the project of discovering and nurturing creative writing talents. It is a free intensive programme, consisting of “11” training sessions with a total of “28” hours, offered in the evening at QVC headquarters.

Dr. Aisha Jassim Al-Kuwari, the Director-General of the Qatari Authors’ Forum, said that the training programme was “Creative”, with the number of seats allocated to the course completed in less than 48 hours, revealing the great interest in such a training programme. The number of persons enrolled in the course was 30 trainees from all groups of society and all ages, including writers with publications and others wishing to enter the world of professional writing, to serve as their gateway towards creativity. It is worth mentioning that the “Creative” training program, which runs until 14 March, oversees the theoretical segment of Dr. Abdelhak Belabid. The applied segment provides Dr. Ahmed Abdul Malik, and trainees will be awarded certificates.