The Music Affairs Center, affiliated with the Ministry of Culture at the Drama Theater in “Katara”, is organizing a symposium entitled “Qatari Military Music”, in cooperation with the Qatari Armed Forces Music Battalion, which provides various musical instruments on the sidelines of the event. The symposium, which comes within the series of “Music Salon” seminars, which was launched by the Center, Major General/Salem Fahd Al-Hababi, is participating, and was discussed by Abdul-Hamid Al-Youssef. The program schedule includes the presentation of a group of musical instruments played by the Armed Forces Music Battalion, before the symposium began, and wandering around “Katara”, before returning to the theater.

Mr. Khalid Al-Salem, the Director of the Music Affairs Center, described the symposium as “very special, for what you will offer as usual in the musical salon, but this is a symposium that will be very special, as it is about Qatari military music specifically, pointing out that it comes in cooperation with the Qatari Armed Forces Music Battalion, “which will be offered two kinds of shows, the first one is a surprise to the Katara audience where there will be a path in Katara Military Music, which includes 50 musicians of copper instruments, from the beach to the drama theater, as an invitation For the audience to attend the symposium, as there will be another group inside the theater that will be presented by miracles, consisting of 45 musicians from different instruments as well as visual materials.

Al-Salem said: This type of military music has become within European festivals, and now our State has become participating in it, just as the vast majority of the audience knows much about it except through the military marsh or national anthem, so we must highlight it, especially and we have it in Qatar is the armed forces music battalion, and it offers a lot, and this is what we will see in today’s symposium, which will combine the pieces of music of the battalion, instruments and talk also with Major General/Salem Fahd Al-Hababi. Concerning the continuation of the music salon, he stressed that it will be continuing, “because it has become a great resonance imprint at the level of those interested in music and the public as well, and in our holy many ideas for dialogue and lyrical musical seminars, in addition to the duties that will be presented, and among the seminars that we prepare for, a symposium with Qatar Orchestra, and it will have a very large resonance and a special willingness not less important than today’s symposium and also the “agenda” of the Center in the coming months.

Concerning the return of the “Nagham 2023” competition, Mr. Khaled Al-Salem stressed that “Nagham is coming strongly this year and it has a lot of surprises for all singing amateurs, and that a press conference will be held to announce its details later, and what I can say is that during the next two months, Nagham will be present strongly”