Ms. Jawaher Al-Bader, President of the Cultural Committee of the Doha International Book Fair, said that this year’s edition will be distinguished in the presence of a new youth leadership at the top of the management pyramid of the Ministry of Culture, which reflects on the progress and cultural development of this sector and the cultural events that will be presented during this year edition of the Fair which teams worked hard to make it a special and exceptional edition in every sense of the word.” Ms. Al-Bader stressed that the present edition of the Fair will witness a great moral momentum in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the launch of the first book fair in Doha, which prompted us to put forward many special cultural events to celebrate this occasion. On the cultural events taking place during the Fair, Mr. Al-Bader explained that the 31st edition will witness the launch of several cultural events suitable for children; as it is the generation in which we must instill the love of knowledge, reading and cultural awareness. The scheduled events also include cultural activities aimed at all social categories and age groups. Moreover, a number of distinguished elite of researchers, experts, academics and intellectuals will participate in the Fair events. This year’s edition also enriches the cultural scene through a number of theatrical events, most notably a theatrical show entitled “Al-Asmai Baqow”, a drama with an hour-and-a-half-long musical performance written in simplified classical Arabic and partly in modern Qatari colloquial dialect. The show is a performance on plagiarizing Al-Asmai’s famous poem “Sout Safir Albulbu” (The Nightingale’s Singing). The poet, in response, seeks his rights and denounces plagiarism but he fails to achieve justice. Al-Asmai, hence, decides to migrate to the West in search of a new homeland and wider horizons. By the end of the show, the coming era- led by our beloved Qatar as the homeland of freedom and tolerance and the meeting place of the world cultures- is presented to the audience on stage; showing the State of Qatar as an oasis of safety and land of Arab and international creativity. The Fair also includes a number of poetry reciting evens to be attended by several poets, fine arts galleries, digital painting gallery, and “Akas”: the reflection gallery. Finally, the President of the Cultural Committee of the Doha International Book Fair pointed out that some lectures and public sessions have been modified into remote and other means of visual communication in light of the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic.