Doha Youth Center is organizing an art workshop entitled “The Technical Rules of Islamic Ornamentation” next Tuesday through the Zoom application which will be presented by the artist Bashir Al-Ansari as part of the activities of the Doha, The Capital of Culture in the Islamic World.


The workshop will include an introduction to the arts of ornamentation accompanied by practical training for participants referring to its most important elements and methods of creativity. Also, the lecturer during that workshop will be exposed to the details of this form because of its specificity and importance in Islamic arts at it depends on all elements that are coordinated according to a number of rules, repetition, alternation, opposition, inversion and symmetry as the ornamentation depends in general on the formation of shapes of numbers, letters and geometric shapes as coordination will be present among units in order for the product to be expressive artistic ornamentation formations.


The geometrical and botanical shapes are the most prominent in use and they have received a lot of attention and the ancient Muslim artists were interested in decorating mosques and Islamic reception halls. Therefore, the most prominent elements of ornamentation will be reviewed in details during the workshop as balance that expresses the integrated artistic formation through good distribution, units, colors and consistency of their relationship with each other and the surrounding spaces will be defined.


Balance is a basic rule that must be available in every ornamental composition or artwork and the use of balance in ornamentation includes all spaces and surfaces from bars, frames and fillings in addition to symmetry or similarity that regulates some ornamental formations so that one half applies to the other by straight line called (axis of symmetry).