Al-Khor Girls Center, has announced the opening of registration for volunteering to participate in the “Bring a Book Back to Life” exhibition, in cooperation with the University of Qatar. The Center called upon those wishing to register and subscribe to send their full name, age and nationality via the WhatsApp number set by the Center through its account on Twitter. The exhibition is scheduled to be held during the period from 3 to 5 February. It will be held in cooperation between the Al-Khor Girls Center and the University of Qatar. The Center stated that the participants will receive a certificate of thanks and appreciation and a certificate of volunteering from both sides. Furthermore, the Center has already called on writers and authors to participate in the third edition of the “Bring a Book Back to Life” exhibition, by donating the books they have on their bookshelves, whether old or new, to participate in the upcoming edition of the exhibition. This is an initiative that was previously launched by the Al-Khor Girls’ Center in cooperation with local publishing houses. During the past two editions, there was a remarkable interaction from the participants, accompanied by conducting competitions and distributing prizes to visitors.

The initiative aims to restore the true value of the book, by enhancing this value among its various audiences, in addition to developing awareness of the importance of books, and taking advantage of free time.