Qatari Dress

The Qatari thobe is considered the official and traditional dress for men in the State of Qatar. The thobe is distinguished by its distinctive shape that distinguishes it from the rest of the Gulf and Arab countries, as it is distinguished by its simplicity. It is a white garment with long sleeves. What specifically distinguishes the Qatari thobe is the presence of a slit in the front and two slits in the back. It is also distinguished by its The shape of the collar, as there are several shapes of collars. The color of the Qatari dress is also chosen based on what suits the prevailing weather in the region. In the summer, a man wears a white dress of varying shades, and in the winter, he wears a dress in dark colors that suit the nature of the weather.

There are many types of fabrics used in tailoring the garment, some of which are light and some are heavy, and this depends on the degree of mixing of the threads with each other, such as cotton and polyester.

Men are also keen to wear it in all official forums, occasions and celebrations.