Qatar Sports for All Federation (QSFA) was noticeably active during the holy month of Ramadan, despite the fact that its calendar had no sporting events as a result of the new Coronavirus (Covid-19), leading it to make sure not to have any gatherings in order to keep the community safe. However, it organized many events via its social media platforms such as “Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube” to urge all members of society to exercise during Ramadan while staying at home to be safe through taking precautions and preventive measures.
QSFA continues its activities until the end of the holy month of Ramadan. These activities were received very well from the public, who responded in considerable numbers to the programme  set by QSFA which included raising awareness and exercises. All social media platforms of the Federation have live streaming of home workouts every day at 04:00 pm, in addition to tips about exercising during Ramadan and nutrition and health advice provided by nutritionist Ghada Al Mousawi. The Federation also has posts and videos which encourages social distancing and raises awareness to reduce the spread of Coronavirus. A number of educational lectures have been held in relation to health, proper nutrition and the importance of sport, provided by officials, specialists, doctors and experts, with the aim of raising awareness among the community of the importance of exercise. QSFA also provides opportunity for people to participate and interact by posting questions and answering them.
Similarly, QSFA seeks to use its platforms to disseminate sports activities and raise awareness regarding the importance of sports, as it continues to launch new useful programme s. It is interested in attracting sports icons, in particular, in order to talk in lectures to raise awareness about how important sports is in enhancing immunity, improving health and lifting positivity and activism.  The lectures had many speakers; the following icons were among a few:
Dr. Abdulaziz bin Jaham Al Kuwari, Aspetar Acting Chief Executive Officer and Director of Qatar Cyclists Centre, spoke at a session entitled “Sports and Nutrition” in which he talked about health and its relation to sports.
Veteran media icon, Khalid Jassem, host of Al Majlis programme on Al Kaas sports channel, was a guest on a session called “Sports Meeting”, in which he talked about the importance of sports among society members.
In a third session, entitled “Sports and Health”, a specialist physician was also invited to talk about the importance of sports and its relationship with health.
QSFA stressed the fact that such initiatives are among the one offered by the Federation as part of its social responsibility in light of the current situation. These types of initiatives are added to others made by QSFA with the aim to help all society groups in exercising, by streaming daily live home workouts at exactly 04:00. A group of certified trainers participate in these workouts. Additionally, the Federation posts several exercise videos that increases participation of athletes and urges everyone to use their time at home and positively make themselves busy doing activities that improve their health.
It should be mentioned that QSFA has organized two competitions that encouraged sports practicing, through which it offered special financial awards. The competitions were received well and people responded to them remarkably. They were called “Home Sports Challenge” and “Innovative Sports Video clip”, making QSFA the first official authority that provides such initiatives and competitions for the purpose of encouraging and urging society members to exercise at home.