Intellectual Principles

Vision & Mission

Towards a Conscious Society with an Authentic Conscience and a Healthy Body

It was necessary to have a broad vision towards  culture trough Collective thinking of wide advisory circles. And proposals of activists in the field of culture, therefore, the Ministry of  Culture developed a vision Based on the orientations of the state in speeches of His Highness Amir, according to the vision 2030 Qatar, and the vision of the Ministry of  Culture  based on the proposals of its departments.

General framework of vision

The vision which is the ministry strive to achieve within whole generation is well defined and I is an integral part of Qatari character. However, it needs a soundless revolution in the field of  culture through comprehensive and gradual accumulation This vision is based on the values that is a well-known for the Qataris since its ancient times .such as generosity, lack of speech, multiplication of work, respect for others, and good behavior, giving them the meaning of their lives in the circumstances of consumer civilization.

Objectives of the Vision

Enhancement of individual behavior: “Whoever works righteousness whether male or female while he is a true believer verily, to him we will give a good life and we shall pay them certainly a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do”
Our ancestors have left a rich heritage for us. We are guided by its fundamentals, it is time to take advantage of it in proportion to our time. We must develop it and derive its elements of strength so that we can form our own culture and pass to the coming generations.

Through this vision the Ministry of Culture aims to enhance the Qatari individual through culture  to achieve a platform of life, in which people determine their choices and commitments. Thanks to all for their will to innovate, change, and make the future. And this will be based on the principle of choice and initiative.  So that the person will not be static or negative. But an active in his community. as responses to the call to be a successor.

Components of the vision: “conscience…soul … body”

The vision is to achieve a better future for the Qatari society, and we mean by the society is the total number of citizens who shares common ties,  such as The unity of history .. environment .. .. place .. heritage .. . hopes .. aspirations .. And interests. It consists of:

  • Conscious community: “Don’t you think about”

Perception is the basis of work and curriculum, and it is an integral part in making contributions. Comprehensive perception builds on three elements:

  1. Keep Endearments: understanding of the basic content of the idea.
  2. The idea: to give the fundamental importance of the idea.. Until the realization of the mental sense.
  3. Method: enlighten the mind.. Through establishing a way of thinking. It depends on awareness of the cultural and social environment.

The idea is related to perception, because it helps to become an accomplished work. Let us put an example to this: why a man buying colors and keeping them in his house? If He has no idea to use these colors or to paint a painting.
As like this example Man also seeks to acquire an idea and style to succeed in painting his life

  •  Sound Soul

” O man, Do not quarrel, God is aware of secrets and intentions ”

Consciousness.. Mystical feeling.. It is formed in human through the experience of hardships in the community, it generates a bunch of feelings .. may be makes him pleased or hurts him, he also benefit from collective conscience .Which carries the memory of the doesn’t inherit Knowledge only .. but also inherited the psychological aspects, which are .. The sum of the original values .. such as .. Honesty .. Simplicity .. Humility .. And support the vulnerable .. And give refuge to the displaced.

Consciousness, perception, attention and imagination grow and grow in the human experience in life, contribute to the preservation of consciousness and build his immunity through the living conscience. Consciousness is not allowed to interfere with values or to change his good morals.

What is benefit of Consciousness if the soil in which it grows is not healthy, see it .. grow, grow and produce? The conscience .. is the fertile soil that implants awareness if the soil is barren.. Awareness does not sprout, but only fork grows in it.

  •  Healthy Body: ” you owe a duty to your body”

The human will not get the perfection without taking care of the body, whether its health or appearance. And the awareness of the body can include the call to increase the aesthetic taste of the human, so the appearance of the body reflects The development of the taste of society and its concern for the aesthetics of life.


It is leading and regulating the sector through establishing the rules and principles of the growth and development of culture, sports and youth fields, and enabling the state operating bodies to perform their tasks and to coordinate; in order to achieve complementary in responsibilities to ensure the effective participation of all segments of society, and raising the status of Qatar’s position among nations within a framework of fundamental principles and values.

Institutional values

  • Professionalism: The Ministry stands committed to the implementation of the principles of good governance following an open methodology towards the improvement of institutional performance and sustainable growth, and the achievement of continued development and institutional excellence, by offering the best services to beneficiaries and stakeholders according to the global quality standards and practices.
  •  Creativity: The ministry encourages creative thinking, and encourage to see things from a different perspective, in order to reach better solutions and alternatives.
  • Participation: The ministry works as a team that combines the goal of achieving the vision, and adjusts its behavior and values.
  • Honesty: The ministry is keen to achieve honesty in the words and action and commitment to objectivity, and employees will go beyond their personal interests, as well as they are keen to the principle of accountability and Organizational structure.