Intellectual Principles

Brief History

Formation of Ministry:

The Ministry of Culture was established by an Emiri decision from the Amiri Diwan on Rabi` Al-Awwal 14, 1443 H, corresponding to October 20, 2021 AD, during the reign of His Highness Prince Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani,

Where His Highness issued the Emiri Resolution No./57/of the year 2021 amending some provisions of the Emiri Resolution No./16/of the year 2014 defining the competences of the Ministries, and the powers of the Ministry were determined according to Article (13), which are:

The Ministry of Culture shall be concerned with looking after the affairs of culture, arts and heritage, preserving the popular heritage and the national cultural heritage, highlighting its characteristics, preparing studies and research related to it, supervising the organization of the cultural and heritage environment in the country, organizing events and celebrating national occasions, and licensing the establishment of artistic groups, supervising the public library, cultural institutions and museums, proposing and implementing media sector policies, setting u[ technical standards and guidelines for content, licensing the establishment and ownership of audio-visual broadcasting stations and censoring the material they broadcast, issuing licenses for publications, press publications and artistic works, and controlling them. Overseeing the media sector to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and systems, setting conditions and standards for establishing clubs, centers, committees, and associations of a cultural and media nature, issuing approvals and licenses for them, strengthening the national talent base in the media sector, and supporting and supervising media content development initiatives.

A Brief of the Ministry of Culture, Art and Heritage:

The Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage was established in the midst 0f 2008, following several stages. It was the first entity in the ministry in 1998. Formation of Ministry of Culture and Arts has actually started since the establishment of the Department of Culture and Arts in 1976 as a unit of the Ministry of Information and later it was transferred to the Ministry of Education and Culture in 1977.

Ministry of Youth and Sports:

The Ministry of Youth and Sports was established by an Emiri Decree No. 16 of 2014 to promote youth and develop their skills, help them to perform their duties and raise the level of sports in the country to the point of excellence. And it was also concerned with supervision of the concerned authorities in the State to support and coordinate their works it was responsible for setting terms and standards for the establishment of clubs, centers, committees and associations for youth and sports and issuing license for them.​