Intellectual Principles

The Ministry of Culture  uses a guiding paradigm to implement its vision of achieving the social renaissance. The table is based on a series of directions in the creation of cultural products, where the guides are major perceptions that lie in the depth of thinking and determine the deep identity of the individual and the community, while cultural products from clothing, language, food, architecture and other artistic cultural expressions are the superficial part of this identity.

The Ministry of Culture  embodies this intellectual perception of change in the iceberg model, in which the great concepts occupy the hidden and largest part mainly in:

  • promoting citizenship as a condition of progress.
  • increased community solidarity and dialog with each other in and outside society.
  • enhancing the value, mastery, and non-exclusion of work on one side without the other.
  • to increase the value of science and scientific research, to acquire technology and to expand sources of income.
  • taking time into consideration as the most important resource for the future generations to inspire optimism.

As the process of community change requires a constant review of the grand perceptions, it makes the Ministry of Culture a nurturing project committed to the challenges facing the country community by strengthening its national identity.