Intellectuals and media professionals emphasized that the seminar season, in its second edition, which is currently organized by the Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with Qatar University, the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and Qatar National Library, is of a particular importance, as its activities touch the reality and reflect the cultural movement that the country is currently witnessing.

In several videos published by the Ministry of Culture on its digital platforms, they said that the titles presented by the seminar season contribute to reviving the cultural scene, and, thus, it is considered as a balcony and a view overlooking the Qatari culture, with all its diversity, in its various fields.

For his part, His Excellency Mr. Khalid bin Ghanem Al-Ali, the member of the Shura Council, described the second edition of the seminar season as having a special importance at this cultural stage in the history of the State of Qatar. He said: I am confident that these seminars that touch reality will continue.

For her part, Iman Al-Kaabi, the Director of the Qatari Media Center affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, confirmed that the seminars contribute to reviving the cultural scene. He invites everyone to attend the activities of the season, in its second edition.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ahmed Abdul -Malik, a novelist and academic professor, he confirmed that the Ministry of Culture has organized many seminars, and that the seminar season is of a particular importance. He expressed his hope that these seminars would be an essential depth in the interest of the cultural movement in the State of Qatar.

For his part, the poet and writer Abdul Hameed Al-Youssef stressed that the seminar season, in its second edition, is considered as a balcony and a view overlooking the Qatari culture in its comprehensive diversity in its literature, poetry, prose, articles and research.

In turn, Dr. Faisal Al-Tamimi considered the season of seminars an opportunity to achieve a cultural balance and to convey intellectual exploits to the audience so that they do not lose their importance.

As for Dr. Nizar Shakroun, a poet and novelist, he said that: Thought needs a climate for dialogue, and the season of seminars provides this climate so that each one from his position and according to his intellectual backgrounds contributes to raising issues and exchanging opinions.

On the other side, the poet Mohammad Yassin Saleh said that the importance of the seminar season lies in moving the cultural arena, and it is an indication of our adherence to poetry as a carrier and transmitter of moral and linguistic messages. Meanwhile, the journalist, Tayseer Abdullah, said that the subjects raised by the seminar season in its new season are among the wonderful and varied subjects, as they vary between the World Cup heritage, Islamic civilization, and poetry evenings.

The seminar season supports the Ministry of Culture’s vision aimed at enriching the cultural and intellectual scene with a variety of activities and events that promote dialogue and discussion on the most prominent societal issues, in addition to building partnerships with actors in society, and building bridges of communication between generations of intellectuals and thinkers.

The two events that took place in the seminar season last week had a remarkable attendance by the audience of all segments, as the season began with a poetry evening, which was revived by Qatari poet Saleh Al-Mana and Kuwaiti poet Abdullah Alloush, while the second event was held under the title of: “The Cultural Heritage of the World Cup”, where His Excellency Dr. Hamad bin Abdul Aziz Al-Kuwari, the Minister of State and President of Qatar National Library gave a lecture.