The Ministry of Culture and Sports inaugurates the book “My Destiny… Horrors of War and Aspirations of Peace” by Her Excellency Ms. Yvonne Abdel-Baqi, former Ambassador of Ecuador to Doha, at three o’clock next Wednesday afternoon, at the National Library of Qatar. The book reviews important political memoirs and a full life experience for Ms. Yvonne, who was recently consigned as an ambassador of her country to Washington after the end of her work period in Doha. In one of the ten chapters of the book, she recounts her experience with the Blockade on Qatar and the amazing story of resilience of citizens and residents and her discovery of the true meaning of the life of princesses in Doha. Ms. Yvonne, who has Lebanese roots, is the first woman to run for the presidential elections in her country in the year 2000.
Journalist and writer Ibrahim Badawi, the author of the memoirs, said that between the two covers of this book is a rich, exceptional experience for a woman who understands the difference between the beating drums of war and building bridges of peace, because she lived in both situations. She recounts how her destiny led her to move from the horrors of the war that she experienced in body, spirit and terror during the civil war in Lebanon to a peace maker between Ecuador and Peru in the far northwest of the Latin continent in South America. She explains how the ravages of war led her to hold onto any glimmer of light to make hope, and persist in changing convictions which are solid as stone or even more, that peace is the elixir of life, in a blind, deaf world, which is raging with the trade of arms and blood. On the other hand, she deeply refutes preconceptions about our Arab and Middle Eastern region.