Media center for youth in the Ministry of Culture and Sports presented a dialogue session entitled “Youth and Media” through which the center presented conceptual and theoretical approaches that define importance of national policy and the role of media and young media professionals in preparing this policy.


This session comes within the framework of introducing the role of media and its tasks in spreading awareness in addition to importance of media as a part of the democratic process.


It is noteworthy that Media Center for Youth through various events it organizes seeks to enhance the cooperation and convergence between various parties working in the field of spreading media awareness as “Media Center for Youth” is keen to form national media infrastructure capable of leading media in various fields.

The role of the center has emerged during the last few years within several events that focused on the importance of youth in elections that were conducted in various youth centers in the country in light of the new direction of the Ministry of Culture and Sports to encourage the electoral process and encourage youth to participate in it.