Mr. Ibrahim Al-Jeeda, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Al-Jasrah Social and Cultural Club, expressed his pleasure with the quantum leap achieved by the club over 2021 in terms of its programs, cultural platforms, and enduring legacy in serving culture and society.

Al-Jeeda commented, “One of our main achievements in 2021 is overhauling the club’s webpage and enriching it with a treasure trove of cultural, intellectual, and artistic content, including an audio/video archive containing four decades worth of the lectures, seminars, and conversations with prominent poets, authors, artists, and intellectuals from Qatar, the Gulf Region, and the Arab World. These materials, which were recorded at events held by the club over that period, are quite rare and highly valuable. They are available free of charge to anyone who visits the club’s website.”

He emphasized that developing Al-Jasrah magazine in terms of content and format was another major achievement for the club in 2021. Redesigning the magazine heralds a new era after decades of persistent and successful publishing on arts and culture. “We were quite pleased with the unprecedented reception by readers in Qatar and across the Arab World of the 59th issue,” said Al-Jeeda, who added, “We are working hard to give the magazine the status it deserves in the hearts and minds of our readers and also on bookshelves.”

The club launched “Art and a Life of Achievements,” a new program established to serve as a platform for music and singing presented in a conversational format about the aesthetics of these art forms. The viewers’ response exceeded all expectations. Al-Jeeda commented, “We are about to relaunch the program in a new format with new topics and guests.” He wished everyone a happy new year, a year of development and progress for our beloved Qatar and for the world to enjoy peace and love.

As for the main club project for 2022, Al-Jeeda explained that Al-Jasrah book series comes at the top of the club’s priorities. He explained that the project will start at the beginning of the new year, and it will focus on publishing books on arts and contemporary social issues. The book series will include new publications from the Arab World and beyond, and it will also include books in translation from other languages.

He concluded his remarks by noting that the 2022 Doha International Book Fair will showcase distinguished contributions by Al-Jasrah Social and Cultural Club, reflecting its accomplishments over 2021. These contributions will only be an indication of the 2022 projects.