Mr. Ibrahim Al-Jaidah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Jasra Cultural and Social Club, stated that the Maghreb Communities Forum, which has recently been held by the Club, falls within the framework of cultural contacts between Al-Jasra Club and Arab peoples, and the pursuit of a constructive cultural exchange that fosters further knowledge of the heritage of the Arab world.

He said: “The Forum was an opportunity to learn about important aspects of the lives of these peoples, whether in relation to traditional costumes, music, folklore, popular foods or other creative areas.”

Al-Jaidah added: “We hope this will help us achieve cultural diversity that is beneficial for all,” pointing out that this is just one step in the quest to embrace diversity with other communities. He further underlined that “What brings joy to this meeting with fellow Arabs is its coincidence with the organization of the Arab Soccer Cup, which continues in a competitive and wonderful atmosphere.”

It should be noted that the activities of the Maghreb Communities Forum witnessed a public turnout that exceeded expectations. Members of the public hailing from the three communities, Tunisian, Algerian and Moroccan, as well as affiliated members, flocked to the exterior premises of the Club. The events also attracted the attention of visitors to Souq Waqif, and the opening was attended by Their Excellencies Mustafa Boutoura and Mohamed Setri, Algerian and Moroccan ambassadors, respectively, and Ibrahim Khalil Al-Jaidah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Jasra Cultural and Social Club, Mr. Mohamed Nasser Al-Obaidan, Secretary General, Mr. Mohamed Said Ibrahim, Club Treasurer and General Supervisor of the event, as well as a number of guests