Mr. Ibrahim Al-Jaida, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Jasra Cultural and Social Club, announced the update of the club’s website, at the level of form and content.

He said in statements: The new look of the site of Al-Jasra Club, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, was accompanied by a comprehensive development of the digital platforms on which the club is present, within the framework of the continuous development process carried out by the club’s management, in line with its heritage and historical role in achieving its cultural and social goals. He added that the new development of the club’s website and digital platforms reflects the solid identity of Qatari culture, its deep roots, and the remarkable cultural movement it is witnessing in various fields, without neglecting the Arab imprint, based on the openness of Qatari culture to Arab culture, as one of its roots, and the club’s being a platform for Arab culture, with all its depth and solid roots. He pointed to the club’s keenness to keep pace with the new cultural affairs locally and in the Arab world, through many specialized press, academic and research angles, which makes the site and its platforms a reflection of this scene. He praised the interaction of the club’s website and digital platforms on the part of its visitors.

He stressed that this interaction reflects the great presence of the site and its digital platforms, based on the club’s historical march, cultural depth, and permanent presence in the heart of the scene, thus establishing one of its goals to be a bridge of communication between Arab intellectuals and their audience of various segments. He pointed to the club’s constant keenness to highlight this cultural depth locally and in the Arab world, and at the same time its openness to all intellectuals in Qatar and the Arab world. He said: The continuous development of the club’s website and platforms is accompanied by the similar development witnessed by the magazine (Al-Jasra Cultural), as the new look of the club’s website and digital platforms coincided with the issuance of the sixty-second issue of its quarterly magazine, which continues to develop it permanently in form and content, at the local and Arab levels, which appears in many of the articles of the last issue, which comes as an extension of the previous issues keen to address all issues of Qatari and Arab cultural affairs in Jeddah, depth and originality, through its keenness It should be a platform for all Qatari and Arab intellectuals. He continued: “There is always keenness on the club’s website to make all its cultural and social activities available to its audience, in addition to publishing Qatari cultural activities and events, in addition to following up on all news that is really interested in cultural and artistic and everything that is happening in the Arab world.” He stressed that (this development witnessed by the Jasra website comes from our vision, and our reading of the future, as we are keen to provide the site to its visitors with all information about all cultural events that occur through all parties that work for a lofty goal to raise the status of culture in our Arab world).

Mr. Ibrahim Al-Jaidah said: “The new look of the site and its platforms also came in response to our belief in the importance of communicating with the other and the need to spread culture and awareness beyond borders, (so the club opens its arms through its website, which is concerned with creativity directed to youth energies). He pointed out that the site also includes the radio of the late musician Abdulaziz Nasser, in addition to many other cultural windows, which evoke the club’s nobility and great history. He added: “We at Al-Jasra Club set out to promote this heritage, as a key and interactive partner with the cultural movement, and with the entities that fall into the cultural framework, as we work hard through more than one axis, including to provide an enlightened cultural and civilizational achievement, and to transcend the restricted geographical boundaries of human and Arab thought, trying to break the locks of the current reality around us, at a delicate stage in which Arab culture stands at a crossroads.”