Publishers and Distributors Forum announced the organization of Ibn Rayb Book Fair in Katara Cultural Village behind the open theater, reflecting its keenness to continue activating the cultural movement and encouraging everyone to engage in reading after the success of Doha International Book Fair.

The Forum invited to Ibn Rayb Fair reading lovers for them to benefit from the latest publications of Qatari publishing houses, and those who did not have the opportunity to visit Doha International Book Fair. The event is organized in partnership between the Forum of Qatari Publishers and Distributors and Katara Publishing House, with the participation of 15 Qatari publishing houses.

The fair aims to promote culture, literature and thought by facilitating readers’ access to local publishing houses and keeping abreast of the relevant new publications. This contributes to encouraging the habit of reading across society in parallel with the continuous efforts to support local publishing houses that have witnessed great success recently.

This initiative will be running every week on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. In this context, the fair organizers are keen to observe the precautionary measures taken to prevent Corona virus, so that culture and reading lovers as well as those seeking new publications can safely visit the fair pavilions, roam its premises, and acquire their preferred books in literature, art, science and various areas of knowledge.

Qatari publishing houses have witnessed a remarkable surge in terms of their number, as they have quadrupled since 2016, in order to keep pace with the demand for local publishing and participation in foreign fairs. It should be noted that average printing capacity of each publishing house amounts to no less than 100 books annually, thanks to the care and support offered by the Ministry of Culture to this sector and cultural affairs in general.

In recent years, the number of applications for publication has witnessed a record increase, as the demand for local book production has doubled, hence seeking global standards in terms of content.